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HANNS OEM Head Unit for Toyota Corolla Altis (with PAPAGO GPS)

Supports USB Supports .avi and .mp3 files. Compatible with iPod / iPhone HD resolution at 800x480 Pixels Aux IN and OUT provided Supports DVD / DVD-RW / CD / CD-RW /Mp3 Discs Touchscreen Control + Remote controlprovided Bluetooth handsfree control withdialing functions Steering control remain functional Dual Zone Function Hard disk storage Available Genuine Navigation [...]

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PIONEER Hari Raya 2012 Promotion

Celebrating Aidilfitri with ultimate driving pleasure Pioneer is having some awesome promotions this Hari Raya for purchases of any of its head units. Extended warranties and free gifts are to be gotten. Gift 1 - Pioneer Fully-Enclosed Dynamic Headphone + 3 years Warranty + 4GB USB Thumbdrive - Valid for purchases of AVH-8450BT, AVH-P5350DVD, AVH-P4450BT, [...]

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All about Equalizers

With all the power an variables that you can get from your system, being able to fine tune is gold. Sometimes, the difference between a good and great system, is the equalizer. Many receivers come built-in with an equalizer, but most of these give you very limited controls. Just by adding an external equalizer, you [...]

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Choosing a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer to your system is a right step into getting a more complete sound. So, how do you decide on which subwoofer is the right one for you. There are basically 3 groups that you may belong to. 1. I want to keep my trunk space and don't want to fuss about with [...]

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Choosing Amplifiers for your system

Amplifiers can be added to all systems be it audio or aftermarket. It's all about matching the right amplifiers to the speakers. Amplifiers generally allow for better sound reproduction as it isn't bound by the space limitations of the head unit. Therefore better design and materials can be used to produce superior results. [...]

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Choosing the right Speakers for your System

Speaker Size Choosing the right speaker isn't as hard as you think. The first thing you may want to consider is how much fuss is acceptable to you in terms of installation. If you prefer it not to be a fuss, then I'd suggest to go with speaker sizes that will replace the current speaker [...]

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