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Sony CDX-G1151U Installation on Proton Saga BLM

This morning, Nic dropped by to upgrade his Proton Saga BLM's player to the Sony CDX-G1151U, which plays music from CDs and USB drives. Here are some of the installation photos. Here's the original look of the stock head unit, a Clarion. You need a bit of force to open up the dash panel, but [...]

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Kenwood KMM-BT302 on a Proton Waja

Over the weekend, we had the chance to work on Ned's Proton Waja. The unit installed is the Kenwood KMM-BT302, a CD-less single DIN that comes with Bluetooth functionality. Here are some visuals from the installation just to give you an idea how it went. The installation took about 25 minutes. Here's getting wiring ready. [...]

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Sony XAV-712BT 7 Inch Touchscreen with Bluetooth and HDMI Inputs

General Channel Configuration : 4/3 Power Supply : MOSFET Power Supply Maximum Output Power : 200W x 2 + 400W x 2 (at 2 ohms), 140W x 2 + 280W x 2 (at 4 ohms) Rated Output Power 80W x 2 + 170W x 2 / 1.0% (at 2 ohms), 60W x 2 + 125W [...]

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Papago GoSafe 272 Car Driving Video Recorder with Slim Design

Papago GoSafe 272 Car Driving Video Recorder with Slim Design Features Full HD Recording (1080p) 140 degrees viewing angle Motion Detection Emergency Backup Button Traffic Sign Recognition Stop and Go Alert The Papago GoSafe GS-272 DVR is a perfect solution  driving recording. It's slim design takes little space and is not obtrusive to the driver [...]

Autoglym UDS500 Ultra Deep Shine for smear free, deep gloss on all paint types

Autoglym UDS500 Ultra Deep Shine for smear free, deep gloss on all paint types Ultra Deep Shine is a polish for use on black and dark coloured cars suffering from excessive swirling, fine scratches or holograms. Ultra Deep Shine is an 'all-in-one' formula that polishes and protects in one. For this reason Ultra Deep Shine [...]

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X-1R Octane Booster RON Increaser

Benefits Increase Octane by 3 numbers Eliminates knocking Stops pinging Stops engine run-on Increases engine performance Restores lost horsepower Excellent Lead substitute Big power in a little bottle! At X-1R we are committed to providing the latest scientific developments to the everyday motorists, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the appliance [...]

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Car Battery Chargers. Do You Need Them?

No. In general, most of us who drive a single daily driver will never need them. When our batteries go dead. We change them. That's it. However, this may not ring true for some. So who might need it you say? You would need it if you: Own an expensive car that uses expensive batteries. [...]

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CTEK 12V Monitor Battery Sense with Smartphone App via Bluetooth

BATTERY KNOWLEDGE DIRECTLY IN YOUR POCKET Battery Sense makes it possible to show you the state of charge of all your batteries in real time. Battery Sense provides valuable knowledge about your batteries in a simple, user-friendly and transparent way. Knowledge of your batteries’ charge level makes it easy to monitor their health status and [...]

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