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Sony CDX-G1151U Installation on Proton Saga BLM

This morning, Nic dropped by to upgrade his Proton Saga BLM’s player to the Sony CDX-G1151U, which plays music from CDs and USB drives.

Here are some of the installation photos.

Here’s the original look of the stock head unit, a Clarion.
Sony CDX-G1151U Installation

You need a bit of force to open up the dash panel, but just enough.

The stock Clarion unit is removed from the dash panel.

Adjustments need to be made to ensure the face plate is sitting just right on the dash panel.

With the correct wiring harness, no existing vehicle wiring need to be cut or spliced.

The new Sony unit looks much better than the stock one and definitely plays better.

For installation enquiries, please contact:
1) David +60196593061, E-mail:
2) YC +60195692664, E-mail:

Our installation center is located here:

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Kenwood KMM-BT302 on a Proton Waja

Over the weekend, we had the chance to work on Ned’s Proton Waja. The unit installed is the Kenwood KMM-BT302, a CD-less single DIN that comes with Bluetooth functionality.

Here are some visuals from the installation just to give you an idea how it went. The installation took about 25 minutes.

Here’s getting wiring ready. No vehicle wirings nor socket is cut during the installation.




Removing the stock Clarion unit from the dash panel requires experience and a high degree of caution because any unnecessary force would break the clips that is holding everything together. Cars that has been under the sun for quite some time are especially prone to damage as the plastic are worn out under pro-longed extreme temperature.



Electrical tapes are wrapped around the wires to keep things tidy and avoid any tangling with existing wirings inside the dash panel.

The Kenwood KMM-BT302 comes with a remote microphone for hands-free Bluetooth connectivity with your mobile phones, up to 2 connection simultaneously. Usually, the top corner is the best place to position the microphone. Unfortunately, the KMM-BT302 does not come with karaoke feature.

Cable ties are used extensively during installation to ensure the wiring fits nicely in place.

More cable ties to keep everything tidy.

Quality heat-resistant foams are used to wrap around the wires to avoid the sockets and adapters from vibrating against the dashboard panels and steel frames within the dashboard.


Sliding the head unit bracket into place.

Plugging in the antenna sockets and the wiring harness to the KMM-BT302.

And, there you go, the KMM-BT302 looking good in its new home.
Kenwood KMM-BT302 installed on a Proton Waja

For installation enquiries, please contact:
1) David +60196593061, E-mail:
2) YC +60195692664, E-mail:

Our installation center is located here:

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Sony XAV-712BT 7 Inch Touchscreen with Bluetooth and HDMI Inputs

sony-xav-712bt-3-1000x1000 sony-xav-712bt-2-1000x1000 sony-xav-712bt-1-1000x1000

Channel Configuration : 4/3
Power Supply : MOSFET Power Supply
Maximum Output Power : 200W x 2 + 400W x 2 (at 2 ohms), 140W x 2 + 280W x 2 (at 4 ohms)
Rated Output Power 80W x 2 + 170W x 2 / 1.0% (at 2 ohms), 60W x 2 + 125W x 2 / 1 (at 4 ohms)
High Pass Filter / Slope 50-300Hz (Variable), 12dB/oct (Selectable)
Low Pass Filter / Slope 50-300Hz (Variable), 12dB/oct (Selectable)
Frequency Response 10-100kHz
Input: Number of Channels 4
Bass Boost 40Hz, 0-10dB
Subsonic High Pass Filter 15Hz, 12dB/oct
Tolerance +0/-3dB
Dimensions (W x H x D) 424 x 55 x 280mm
Weight (kg) Approx. 3.6kg



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Papago GoSafe 272 Car Driving Video Recorder with Slim Design

Papago GoSafe 272 Car Driving Video Recorder with Slim Design


  • Full HD Recording (1080p)
  • 140 degrees viewing angle
  • Motion Detection
  • Emergency Backup Button
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Stop and Go Alert

The Papago GoSafe GS-272 DVR is a perfect solution  driving
recording. It’s slim design takes little space and is not obtrusive to
the driver and doesn’t attract attention. Video resolution can be
switched between 720p/60, 720p/30 and 1080p/30  depending on
your needs. Low-light sensor enables you to record footage in
ambient lighting.


The recorder turns on automatically once the car is started. Constant
recording in a continuous loop. Motion detection triggers
recording while the car is parked.


Has a micro SD Slot that supports up to 32GB of storage. A
Built-in G-sensor automatically saves the video file of an accident.
Also supports screen capture.

Driver Fatigue Alarm reminds the driver to rest during long drives
while the “Stop & Go” feature helps you avoid distracted

HDMI output supports HDTV playback.

Display 2.4″ / 6.1 cm color LCD
Image Sensor 1/3″ 2 MP CMOS
Chip 2014 New Altek wafers
Field of View 140°
G-Sensor Triaxial 8G
Video Format 1080p @ 30 fps
720p @ 60 fps
720p @ 30 fps
Storage Supports Class 10 microSD card, up to 32 GB
HD Output 1.3 MP 1080p
USB 1 x USB 2.0 port
LEDs Red and green indicator light
Battery Lithium-polymer 420 mAh
Power Supply Input: 12 to 24 VDC
Output: 5 V / 1 A
Power Consumption 4.75 to 5.25 V / 1 A
Operating Temperature 14 to 149°F / -10 to 65°C
Storage Temperature -4 to 158°F / -20 to 70°C
Dimensions 2.1 x 3.2 x 0.5″ / 5.3 x 8.1 x
1.3 cm
Weight 0.1 lb / 0.1 kg

Package Contents

  • 1 x GS272 DVR
  • 1 x Holder
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card


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Autoglym UDS500 Ultra Deep Shine for smear free, deep gloss on all paint types

Autoglym UDS500 Ultra Deep Shine

for smear free, deep gloss on all paint types

Ultra Deep Shine is a polish for use on black and dark coloured cars
suffering from excessive swirling, fine scratches or holograms.

Ultra Deep Shine is an ‘all-in-one’ formula that polishes and protects
in one. For this reason Ultra Deep Shine should not be followed by
Extra Gloss Protection or High Definition Wax.

Pro Tip: Do not allow the product to dry onto the paintwork for a long
time, apply to a panel, allow to dry, then buff off immediately. If
Super Resin Polish is used there is no need to use Ultra Deep Shine.


For use on black and dark coloured cars
Polishes and protects

Package Contents

500ml Ultra Deep Shine squirt bottle


Buy Online

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X-1R Octane Booster RON Increaser



  • Increase Octane by 3 numbers
  • Eliminates knocking
  • Stops pinging
  • Stops engine run-on
  • Increases engine performance
  • Restores lost horsepower
  • Excellent Lead substitute

Big power in a little bottle!
At X-1R we are committed to providing the latest scientific developments to the everyday motorists, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the appliance of science, that’s why we are bringing you our new Octane Booster with trio active ingredients! Use X-1R to boost the Octane of your petrol by 3 numbers or more! X-1R Octane Booster is scientifically proven to give immediate savings on your fuel bills, increase miles per gallon, improve performance and increase the power of your engine while eliminating wax build up, grit, varnish, pinging and knocking. Whether you’re driving in the city, up hill, towing a load or accelerating quickly, now you can get premium performance from budget fuels.


Safe and easy to use
X-1R Octane Booster is designed specifically to increase the octane of the petrol you use so you can eliminate knocking and increase the power of your engine. This product contains a mix of MMT, POWER- X and Nitromethane which increases the Octane by at least 3 numbers.
One bottle of X-1R Octane Booster (60 ml) treats up to 75 litres of Petrol. FOR BEST RESULT, add to fuel tank then fill tank with fuel.

Keep out of reach of children. Contact a physician if taken internally.

Content: 60ml / bottle


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Car Battery Chargers. Do You Need Them?

No. In general, most of us who drive a single daily driver will never need them. When our batteries go dead. We change them. That’s it. However, this may not ring true for some. So who might need it you say?

You would need it if you:

  • Own an expensive car that uses expensive batteries. Batteries cost a bomb and we know you have the money. So why not buy a charger instead and keep your car battery going for longer? Be a smart consumer and donate the savings to a good cause 🙂Oh, and bikes too.
  • Have too many cars to drive daily.  Ok, so you’re a car guy and you have been lucky to own a whole bunch of cars, bikes boats and stuff. We all know that you need to start your car every now and then to keep the battery from draining and going flat. So battery chargers make sense in this case. If it’s good enough for ultimate car guy Jay Leno, I think it should be good enough for all of us.
  • Own an RV, caravan, bikes or boats which you use every once in a while. A battery charger would be useful to keep them batteries healthy and ready for your next adventure.
  • Are away a lot. Mr. Worldwide, always needed all around the world.  Perhaps you’re a celebrity who needs to be away a lot. Or maybe you’re an international spy on a mission. Whatever the case may be, having a battery charger will make sure that your baby is waiting and roaring when you get back.
  • Own a work shop. It would benefit you a great deal if you had one of these as you could easily charge up flat batteries your customers bring in.
  • Thrifty. Yeah, you heard me right.  Even the average joe would benefit from a good battery charger as it would make your battery last longer, so you change it less often and save money in the long run. What more if you have more than one car in the family.

So, at this point, you might be saying, what the heck are car battery chargers? I’ve never seen one before. Is there such a thing. Well. There is and here is how they look. At least this CTEK one.


So, how does it work?

Ok, I can’t say all chargers are equal. For the sake of keeping things simple, let’s just stick to CTEK chargers, which is among the better chargers, if not the best. In general, you will need to connect the charger to your battery terminals, then plug in the other end to a wall socket. It will draw power through to the batteries and charge it. But the CTEK chargers do more than just charge. It also conditions and maintains the batteries so they last longer. Furthermore, there are many features that make charging as simple as plugging it in, and leaving it. You do not have to worry about overcharging or heating up.

Here’s Leno again

We recommend CTEK Battery Chargers. They make a wide range of chargers to suit every need. From 6V to 12V and even 24V application. Compact models. Larger full feature heavy duty models. Fast charging models. Waterproof models and so on.

We hope you find a CTEK that suits you and if you are overwhelmed and need assistance, don’t hesitate to write in to us in the comments section below.

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CTEK 12V Monitor Battery Sense with Smartphone App via Bluetooth


Battery Sense makes it possible to show you the state of charge of all your batteries in real time.
Battery Sense provides valuable knowledge about your batteries in a simple, user-friendly and transparent way. Knowledge of your batteries’ charge level makes it easy to monitor their health status and thus maximize your battery performance and service life. Knowledge that will allow you to avoid costly battery replacements and annoying vehicle breakdowns. Battery knowledge presented directly in your pocket.


Connect BATTERY SENSE to the battery and download the app. Your batteries will now start talk to you via your smartphone. With Battery Sense connected you don’t have to worry about when to charge. Just walk to your car or vehicle and Battery Sense will talk to you via Bluetooth – you don’t even have to start the engine. Battery Sense will show you all your batteries State of Charge. Battery Sense will warn you when you have to charge, well in advance.

Battery Sense gives you full control of all your vehicles’ batteries and allows you to choose the CTEK charger that suits you and your vehicle when it’s time to charge. CTEK has a wide product range that enables you to choose a charger for each vehicle and occasion. With Battery Sense and appropriate CTEK chargers, you get a complete battery care package.


Compatible with: Android OS 4.4 (or higher) iPhone iOS 7 (or higher) and Bluetooth 4.0 hardware.
It is delivered with a 2-year warranty.


BUY CTEK MONITOR BATTERY SENSE 12V Lead-acid Battery Monitor Online