Engine Flush, Do You Need One?

Engine flush should be used before your next oil change, not after. This is pretty obvious because you actually want to remove all the contaminants and sludge built-ups out of the system. Also, ALWAYS read the instructions on your product BEFORE you begin Project Engine Flush. Most of the engine flush fluids out there states [...]

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Wiper Sizes and Fitting Application Guide for Malaysian Vehicles

This list of wiper measurements below caters to mainly vehicles available in Malaysia. At, we believe the best way to measure wiper sizes is to get out there to your car and use a measuring tape. It can't go wrong. Another good reference is PIAA's Wiper Application Guide (PDF, 3.32MB): Other than sizes, [...]

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Basic Car Paint Care Tutorial with Meguiar’s

Hi Bro, can recommend the the product range for car detailing from wash, clay, polish, sealant, etc? We usually get questions like these from time to time in our car care category. Yes, it can be quite overwhelming to go through all the car care product descriptions and to understand exactly how to use it. [...]

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Car Audio & Video Guides : Head Unit (Stereo, Receivers, Players)

How do I decide on which head unit to get? So, you've decided that your car stereo system just isn't cutting it. Or perhaps its busted and you need to replace it. Thankfully, with the break-neck pace of technology advancement these days, there is a plethora of systems to choose from with all sorts of [...]

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