Choosing a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer to your system is a right step into getting a more complete sound. So, how do you decide on which subwoofer is the right one for you. There are basically 3 groups that you may belong to. 1. I want to keep my trunk space and don't want to fuss about with [...]

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Choosing Amplifiers for your system

Amplifiers can provide a fuller more dynamic sound even at low levels Amplifiers can be added to all systems be it audio or aftermarket. It's all about matching the right amplifiers to the speakers. Amplifiers generally allow for better sound reproduction as it isn't bound by the space limitations of the head unit. [...]

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Improving your vehicles In-Car-Entertainment System

Imagine this, you're about to take a trip out of town and will be driving with a couple of your best buddies about to have the adventure of your life. You drive off, everyone's getting comfy and just as you are about turn up Bieber fever on your stereo, you hear a nasty snap, crackle [...]

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Works Engineering Twin Ball Bearing Air Charger

This Air Charger is better than the air Micro Compressor because it utilizes the latest ball bearing technology. It increases charge air into your combustion chamber allowing better air/fuel mixture hence better combustion. Performance of this Air Charger is dyno tested and proven to increase BHP/HP/WHP. This device fits all car but is MOST EFFECTIVE [...]

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Installing a 25mm Tweeter to the Aluminium Tweeter Housing

1) Picture below shows the housing, with the cover opened and a tweeter still attached to the mounting. 2) Notice that the aluminum bracket inside the cover is removed, so that the tweeter and its mounting can be attached to it. 3) Picture below shows the tweeter attached to the housing's cover. You will need [...]

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Car Audio & Video Guides : Head Unit (Stereo, Receivers, Players)

How do I decide on which head unit to get? So, you've decided that your car stereo system just isn't cutting it. Or perhaps its busted and you need to replace it. Thankfully, with the break-neck pace of technology advancement these days, there is a plethora of systems to choose from with all sorts of [...]

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DIY – Installing the LED Indicator Side Mirrors

Step 1 - Remove the side mirror Unclip the mirror gently by pulling at the bottom of the mirror. It should snap out once enough force is use. Don't yank it too hard though. Removing the side mirrors Removing the Side Mirrors Using a heatgun, warm the plastic that holds the [...]

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DIY – Perodua MYVI 1.3, Installing the Simota Replacement Air Filter

Replacing the stock air filters with an aftermarket version is the simplest way to improve your vehicles performance, longevity and economy. The Simota/Works Engineering Replacement Air Filters are quality built to high standards, plus improves performance and fuel consumption through rigorous research and development. Here, you will see the simple steps needed to replace your [...]

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Installing the Toyota Camry Audio Suite

Thanks to our customer Mr Chong and the professional team at AutoGadget Kota Damansara, we are excited to snap these pictures during the installation of the Camry Audio Suite. The AutoGadget team took just slightly more than 3 hours to install the entire suite and they took another hour to fine tune the sound.

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