Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Holidays

We've got an email from Ms Emily last Saturday asking us what she should get for Adrian (her boyfriend) this Christmas. We have not met Adrian but from the way Emily's described him, it seems that Adrian is prone to spend more time talking to his car than to her. So, we pretty much diagnosed Adrian as Car [...]

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Pioneer In-car Entertainment Meriah Syawal 2016

Bring your in-car entertainment to the next level this Raya with Pioneer DVD Multimedia AV Receivers (AVH) and Pioneer Audio Receivers (DEH). Discover seamless wireless connectivity to access and play your favorite entertainment content in your smartphone. So put the pedal to the metal and head to

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Death to Bad Wipers!

Today, we start our war on bad wipers! I've heard many horror stories from our customers about how their wipers crack under the pressure of extreme heat, UV rays and thunderstorms. And if you have been using the amazing wipers from PIAA, you would appreciate how silicone can make such a huge difference in clarity. [...]

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California Scents Clearance Sale 2016

We're cleaning up in preparation for new California Scents Air Freshener goodies. Till then, go ahead and take advantage of rock bottom prices on our existing stock. If you ever wondered what a particular scent smells like, this is your chance to have a go. If you haven't tried California Scents, why not now. It's [...]

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