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RaceChip Workshop

Just a few days back, the Fasmoto crew were invited to take part in one of RaceChip's training workshops. We must say we're very impressed with their technology and how easy it is to add those extra horses into your engines without any major mods and voiding those pesky manufacturers' warranties. Stay 'TUNED', literally!

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Ecothetic engine oil – The Practical Choice

Ecothetic Oil - The Practical Choice Ecothetic is an advanced synthetic petrol engine oil with unique propertis to reduce friction across a wide range of driving speeds and conditions. It maximizes engine performance and is formulated to provide superior all round protection under severe operating conditions. Superior engine protection for turbocharged & multi-valve [...]

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Most popular daily drivers and how you can have some fun with it

Perodua Myvi Image from http://kereta.info/ Image from http://forum.myviclub.com Ewin's Myvi. Image from fatlace.com Image from malaysiamodifiedcars.com Image from perodua-myvi-for-ladies.blogspot.com Toyota Vios Image from kereta.info Image from kereta.info Image by motioncars.inquirer.net Proton Saga Image from theblackmyuzter93.blogspot.com Image [...]

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Death of the “Car Scene”

Is the "Car Scene" dead? Looking around me these days, I can't help but to ask myself, is the "car scene" dead? By "car scene", I mean car modification, racing and car lovin' in general. Everything to do with cars basically. Gone are the days of weekend races, loud exhaust mods, loud stereos, loud body [...]

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S-Oil Engine Oil and Transmission Fluids from Korea

The Company S-OIL, established in 1976, has grow n into one of the most competitive oil refiners in the Asia-Pacific region by establishing profitability- oriented management strategies and nurturing dynamic and progressive spirit in the management. The company operates the oil refinery facility with the capacity of 580,000 barrels per day(BPD), and other facilities that [...]

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