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Carvox Perodua Alza OEM Plug-N-Play 8 inch DVD Player

Features 8" HD with FRONT & REAR CAMERA Function Full Interactive Graphic User Interface DUAL ZONE FUNCTION with PIP feature : Playback two souces at the same time while the GPS is still activated. Now front and rear passengers can pick their own entertainment. Mic Extension. Allows placement of mic closer to driver for improved [...]

LED Signal Side Mirrors – PERODUA ALZA & MYVI

Perodua Myvi Side Mirror with LED Indicator Lens Gif animation is for visual illustration only. Actual light movement may differ. LED SIGNAL SIDE MIRRORS for PERODUA ALZA & MYVI Easy to install side mirrors with signal LED built-in will give you peace-of-mind every time you take that turn. Improved visibility to other motorists [...]

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