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Guide to shopping for Wiper Blades

Wipers are probably one of the most crucial yet often overlooked replacement part on vehicles. It's been around pretty much since the invention of automobiles and will probably be around for years to come. Wipers should be checked often and replaced BEFORE they fail. I'm sure we can all imagine driving with wipers that don't [...]

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All about Equalizers

With all the power an variables that you can get from your system, being able to fine tune is gold. Sometimes, the difference between a good and great system, is the equalizer. Many receivers come built-in with an equalizer, but most of these give you very limited controls. Just by adding an external equalizer, you [...]

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Choosing a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer to your system is a right step into getting a more complete sound. So, how do you decide on which subwoofer is the right one for you. There are basically 3 groups that you may belong to. 1. I want to keep my trunk space and don't want to fuss about with [...]

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Choosing Amplifiers for your system

Amplifiers can provide a fuller more dynamic sound even at low levels Amplifiers can be added to all systems be it audio or aftermarket. It's all about matching the right amplifiers to the speakers. Amplifiers generally allow for better sound reproduction as it isn't bound by the space limitations of the head unit. [...]

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Improving your vehicles In-Car-Entertainment System

Imagine this, you're about to take a trip out of town and will be driving with a couple of your best buddies about to have the adventure of your life. You drive off, everyone's getting comfy and just as you are about turn up Bieber fever on your stereo, you hear a nasty snap, crackle [...]

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Car Audio & Video Guides : Head Unit (Stereo, Receivers, Players)

How do I decide on which head unit to get? So, you've decided that your car stereo system just isn't cutting it. Or perhaps its busted and you need to replace it. Thankfully, with the break-neck pace of technology advancement these days, there is a plethora of systems to choose from with all sorts of [...]

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