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Stinger Stereo RCA Interconnect Cables now on 12Volts

Stinger Range of RCA Interconnect Cables Some say the most important link in your vehicles sound system. We agree. Why spend so much on speakers, amps, head units and stuff but use cheap cables? This is a very crucial part of your systems setup. Imagine, it does the job of carrying the signals [...]

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iSimple RadioMod Aftermarket or factory radio integration for your audio player

iSimple RadioMod Aftermarket or factory radio integration for your audio player iSimple RadioMod Aftermarket or factory radio integration for your audio player  Features Antenna Bypass FM Modulator Compatible with any factory or aftermarket FM Radio Play almost any portable device directly through your radio Just tune your FM Station to the RadioMod channel [...]

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DIY-02 – Toyota Vios, Installing the Carvox CM-038 Reverse Camera

12V member Rizqee wanted to install his Carvox CM-038 reverse camera immediately onto his Toyota Vios after getting it. We're thankful that we were able to snap up some pics of the process with his help. Not much words to describe this, you can see it all in the photos. Again, I'd like to apologize [...]

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Get a free MOTIVE DVD…

In conjunction with our recent addition of the 12v garage, we'd like encourage all our 12v members to participate. We hope this adds to the experience of shopping at Plus, you get a free gift, so, why not right? How To Join 1. Make sure you are a registered member of 12 Volts. Click [...]

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Just added to the 12volts store. Original fitting 7" HD (800x480) touch panel DVD player for Toyota Altis (without GPS Navigation), ipod and blue-tooth ready, built-in TV feature. Comes with original Toyota wire socket Accessories: Ipod cable (optional) TV antenna (optional) Reverse camera (optional) For more details, please visit Original fitting 7" HD [...]

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Top 10 Car Accessories

Compiled by RAC 1000 sat nav Remember when sat navs were impossibly expensive? As with the most coveted technology, sat navs have quickly became affordable, and for those who simply want to get form A to B, this RAC branded model may be the most cost-effective way to avoid getting lost. It is one [...]

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