This install was done a long time back, so far back that the Sony XAV-AX1000 has since been discontinued. The owner of this car, a young lady, was a very well informed person. She did all the research herself and all I had to do was point out the differences between this unit and the Sony XAV-AX3000. She made the choice herself. Overall, the install went perfect with no hitches whatsoever. The owner also seemed to be pleased with the sound quality as that was the biggest issue of the factory head unit.

Some common questions we get asked by the owners of the new Perodua Myvi (3rd Generation).

1. Will the Perodua Myvi fit a 2 DIN or Double DIN.

In short yes, most common 2 DIN’s will fit. However, the factory unit is 200mm wide versus the Double DIN’s which are appoximately 180mm wide. If you want the best fit, get the 200MM wide head units. So spacers are needed to fill up the sides. Scroll to the bottom to see the finished install.

2. Will the steering control be retained?

Yes if the head unit supports direct OEM wired remote connection. Most big brand Double DIN’s these days will support without the need of additional interface.

3. Will the factory reverse cameras be retained?

Yes it can be retained with the right wire adapters.

4. Will you cut any wires?

No we won’t. At least not on the car side of things.

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