Pioneer DEQ-S1000A Universal Sound Processor works with Factory Stereo Systems

Improve Your Factory Audio System

The DEQ-S1000A universal sound processor sports 4 x MOSFET 50W amplifier, 3 x Hi-Volt RCA pre-outs, and a full-custom, high-performance 48-bit dual-core DSP – significantly improving the sound quality produced by factory-fitted receivers and can be installed almost anywhere in the car.

Download Source Calibration Test Signal here.

[Depending on the smartphone (Android), the unit may not be operated with an AOA connection. In this case, use an OTG connection]

* The OTG connection requires a third-party USB cable (both USB Type-A Male to Type-A Male Cable and USB OTG Host Cable)

Sound Tune app

Pioneer’s Sound Tune app is a great way to bring the sound of high-end audio to a basic factory car stereo and speaker set. All operations are performed easily through a smartphone and a wide range of settings are accessible.

Apple App Store – Download
Google Play Store – Download

31-Band Graphic EQ

With Pioneer’s Sound Tune app, drivers are able to have full control over their car’s sound – with up to 31 bands of EQ available for adjustment. Pioneer’s Sound Tune app’s granular interface allows audiophiles to precisely zoom in to each band and adjust specific sections of the audio curve to their liking with a simple tap or a swipe of the finger.

Super Todoroki Sound

Super Todoroki Sound boosts low sounds and automatically adjusts mid- and high-range sounds to add impact and clarity to your audio environment.

USB Quick Charge For Android

Significantly reducing the time required to recharge the latest Android smartphones (CDP)*

* May not be compatible with Android phones depending on connection method.


  • MOSFET 50W x 4
  • Hi-Volt RCA Preouts x 3(4V)
  • Digital Sound Processor
  • Exclusively Designed Audio Parts
  • Source Calibration (Factory Time Alignment and EQ Cancel)*
  • Preset & Custom EQ
  • 13-Band EQ
  • 31-Band Graphic EQ (with Pioneer Sound Tune app)
  • 3-Way Network Mode
  • Speaker Setting
  • Super “Todoroki” Sound (with Pioneer Sound Tune app)
  • Live Simulation (with Pioneer Sound Tune app)
  • Remote Control
  • USB Quick Charge for Android (CDP)

*May not be compatible with Android phones depending on connection method.

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