Perodua MYVI Lagi Best

Here are the list of products which we have curated specifically for the Perodua MYVI Lagi Best (Year 2011 to 2014).

Head Unit

We recommend that Perodua MYVI GEN 3 owners choose the 200mm wide form factor. Here’s the link to all the 200mm players.
200mm Head Unit

If you would like to upgrade to standard 2-DIN players which gives you a more wide range of models, here’s the link to all the 2-DIN players that would fit.
2-DIN players

Be sure to also include the side-trim to fill the gap on the left and right side for your new 2-DIN player installation.
Side Filler Trim Piece for 200mm installation dimension

To install the head units above, you’ll need to get the Perodua MYVI Lagi Best dashboard installation kit.
Perodua Myvi '11-'12 Double DIN / 200mm Car Stereo Installation Dash Kit

Also, to avoid cutting your wires during installation, here are a few wire harnesses and sockets that you can get to perform a flawless installation that does not void Perodua’s factory warranty.

Head Unit Wiring Harness (Female)
TAL-95DF 1987 Onwards Toyota Car Stereo Wiring OE Harness Adapter (Female)

Front Speakers

The front speakers of the Perodua MYVI Lagi Best are located on the front dashboard. The speaker size is 4″ (10cm). Here’s the range of 4″ speakers we currently have in store.


Rear Speakers

For rear speakers, you can opt for 6.5″ standard coaxial speakers.


The MYVI Lagi Best uses standard U-hook type. We recommend PIAA’s Aero Vogue Super Silicone Wipers. Select size 21″ (driver side) and 17″ (passenger side).

PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper for Nissan Navara NP300


Here are some choices we have for sports springs upgrades for the MYVI Lagi Best.

Gasper Sport Spring set for Perodua Myvi Lagi Best (4pcs)