If you’ve been using the Carall Regalia Velvet Musk air freshener in your car for some time, you would know that it’s actually very difficult to know if you are buying a genuine product or a fake bootleg. It’s been known in the market that these bootleg Carall Regalia Velvet Musk now looks and smells very similar to the original version.

Every now and then we see announcements and press releases on magazines and social media on the raids conducted by KPDNKK.

It’s a good move now that Carall now is repackaging their all time best seller with a new box and container design to keep these bootleggers at bay. I do hope they do it every 6 months just to mess these buggers’ bootleg operations.

All that being said, here it is, the latest design for their 2nd generation packaging. The Model Number has also been re-designated to 3357.