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Chris came to us because he was having an issue with his amplifier. Initially the idea was to replace the amplifier. However, after doing a once over of his current audio system, we managed to convince him that a DSP Amplifier would be a better option as to overcome the shortcomings of his factory head unit.

We opted for the Venom Pandora VPR 3.4 4-channel DSP Amplifier as it suits his application perfectly. He did not need additional channels nor more advanced features. Chris seemed very happy about the result and came back to us again at a later date to get the Infinity Basslink SM Active Subwoofer to complete his system. The addition of the active subwoofer definitely improved the overall audio experience of his system.

We also replaced his rear cameras with the Blaupunkt BC TY 1.0 which sat pretty nicely at the back.

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