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Car Clubs

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Alza Owners Club www.myalza.com
Myvi 1.5 Owners Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/myvi1.5ownerscommunity/
Myvi Owners’ Club Malaysia www.myviclub.com


Ahli Club Forum Kancil www.acfk.net
Gen 2 Club – G2C www.gen2club.com/
CSI (Club Saga Iswara) csi.yewnen.info
My PS (My Persona Style) mypersonastyle.blogspot.com
Perdana V-Sixers www.v-sixers.com
Saga Iswara Club (SIC) www.sagaiswaraclub.ma.cx
Saga Iswara Owner’s Club (SIOC) www.sioc.cjb.net
Satria GTi Club www.satriagticlub.com.my
Satria NEO Club www.satrianeoclub.com/
Satria Neo Crews www.satrianeocrews.com
Satria Performance & Owners Club – SPOC www.spoc.com.my/
Satria Tuners Club www.satrianz.com
Savvy Owners Club (SAVOC) www.savoc.net
Properd.net – Proton Perdana Owner’s Club www.properd.net
Proton Club www.protonclub.com
Proton Mania Club www.protonmania.com
Proton Perdana Club www.myperdana.com

Proton Saga BLM Owner’s Club www.protonsagablm.com.my
Putra Collective www.putra.proboards54.com
Putra Enthusiast Group groups.msn.com/putraenthusiast
Proton Satria Enthusiast www.pro-hatch.net
Team Imperials (Proton Waja) www.team-imperials.com
Waja Performance Club www.wpc.com.my
Wira 1.8 DOHC LE Owners Club www.c99limited.com
WACCTEAM.NET – Wira Aeroback Car Club www.waccteam.net
Wira Aeroback Performance Club www.wapc.com.my
Proton Wira Special Edition car www.wisecommunity.net


Avanza Club Malaysia www.avanzamalaysia.com
Avanza Network Malaysia www.myavanza.net
Caldina Club of Malaysia www.caldinaclub.com
MY Estima Club www.MyEstima.com
Toyota’s Owners’ Club Malaysia – TOCM http://www.micronet-solutions.com/ToyotaClub/
Toyota Altis Club http://www.myaltis.com/forum/
Toyota Alphard Club www.alphardasiaclub.com
Toyota Project S www.tps06.com
Toyota VIOS Club Malaysia www.viosclub.com
Toyota VIOS Club Malaysia – Forums comppal.com/vios/forum/
Toyota VIOS Tuners www.viostuners.proboards.com
Toyota WISH Club Malaysia www.wishclubmalaysia.my
Vios 07 Club www.vioszeroseven.com


Civic 7th Gen Owners Club www.teamES.org
Civic Malaysia Club www.civicmalaysia.com
Classic Celica Club www.classic-celica-my.cjb.net
Honda Accord Variants Owners Club www.myhavoc.net
Honda Car Owners Club – HCOC hcoc.net.my
Honda City Connection (H3) www.hc3msia.com
Honda Civic 99 Spec Enthusiasts www.team99ers.net
8th Generation Honda Civic Club eightgc2.forumup.com
Honda Prelude Owners Club hpocmalaysia.tripod.com
Honda Stream Owners Club www.mystream.cc
JazzFit Friends Club www.myjffc.com
Malaysian Honda Civic Club www.mhccgroup.com
Slip Stream www.slipstream.com.my
Team City Malaysia www.myteamcity.com
Team ES (7th Gen Civic) teames.forum2u.org


FTO M’sia Owners Club www.ftomalaysia.com
Lancer GT Club www.lancergtclub.com
Mitshubishi Airtrek Club www.airtreker.com
Mitsubishi Evolution Owners Club www.meoc.net.my
Mitshubishi Galant VR-4 Enthusiast www.g-vrc.com
Mitshubishi Lancer Owners Club www.mloc.cjb.net


Mazda Premacy Club www.mazdapremacyclub.net
MX5MY Club Malaysia www.mx5my.com
My Mazda Club www.mazdaclub.my
Mazda Club Malaysia mazdaclubmalaysia.com
RX8 Club Malaysia www.rx8clubmalaysia.com


MY Latio Club www.mylatioclub.com
N16 Malaysia www.n16.com.my
Nissan Motorsports Club www.mynismoclub.org
XTrail Owner Club www.mototrader.com.my/xtrailclub


Subaru Club Malaysia www.mysubaruclub.com


Swift Club Malaysia www.swiftclubmalaysia.com


Forte Zone Club www.fortezone.com
Forte Club www.myforteclub.com
Kia Car Club www.mynazakiaclub.com
Kia Optima Owners Club myoptima.rules.it
Kia Spectra (SAECTRAN) autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/spectran
Picanto Club www.picantoclub.com

Citra Club Malaysia www.citraclub.com
My Naza Kia Forum mynazakia.proboards36.com
Sutera Club www.suteraclub.com


Getz Club Malaysia www.getzclub.com.my
Hyundai Coupe Club www.hcc.ne1.net
Hyundai Accent Club of Malaysia www.myaccentclub.com
Malaysia Matrix Club www.mymatrixclub.net
Hyundai Forum www.hyundai-forums.com
Team Hyundai Malaysia www.teamhyundaimalaysia.com

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s Owners Club Klang Valley (Malaysia)




Aroc M’sia www.arocmalaysia.com
Alfa Romeo – Owner’s Club www.alfaclub.com.my
ItaliaAuto.com – Italia Auto Club- Alfa Romeo http://www.italiaauto.com

BMW & Mini

BMW Club Malaysia www.bmwclubmalaysia.com/
BMW & Mercedes Enthusiasts www.bmbenz.com

MINI Owners Club Malaysia www.miniclubmalaysia.com
Ultimate Driving Machine Owners www.udmowners.com


Chevrolet Club of M’sia www.mychevyclub.com
Aveo Club aveoclub.proboards.com


Club Audi Malaysia www.clubaudimalaysia.com.my/

Mercedes Benz

BMW & Mercedes Enthusiasts www.bmbenz.com
myBenz – Mercedes Benz owners portal www.mybenz.org


Ford Motor Enthusiast Club (FOMEC) www.fomec.org


Peugeot Club Malaysia www.peugeotclubmalaysia.com


Volvo Owners Club of Malaysia www.vocm.com.my


Porsche Club www.porscheclub.org.my

General Car and Automotive Clubs & Forums

4 By 4 Club – 4wd, 4×4 www.4by4.com.my

4GTuners.com www.4gtuners.com
Angle D5 Drift Team www.angle-d5.com
Audio Enthusiasts www.mycarhifi.com
Automotive Forum (Sarawak-based) www.kaichia.com
Auto World www.autoworld.com
Allan Phang www.allanphang.com
CamproClub – CPC www.camproclub.com
Car Enthusiast Heaven www.e-kereta.com
Car Forum www.zerotohundred.com
Drag & Drift Club ddc_my.tripod.com
Drift Enthusiast’s Site www.drift.com.my
EP Motorsports www.ep70.cjb.net
Forum Group of Senawang www.fgsn9.com
Hypermax www.hypermax.cjb.net
Hypertune Online Gallery veecee.smugmug.com/Hypertune-Gallery
Italian Car Club Forum www.italiaauto.com
i-Vtec Club www.i-vtecclub.com
Japanese Sportscar Owners Club www.jsoc-malaysia.com
Kaizertweek Performance Club www.kaizertweeks.8m.com
Kelab Kereta Kuantan (Triple-K) www.kelabkeretakuantan.netfirms.com
Killerbees www.b6b8.org
K-car Sport Enthusiast kcarsport.8m.com
Kcar Life www.kcarlife.com
L2TT Performance Group www.l2tt.net
Motorsports Network www.motorsportline.com
North Malaysia Vintage & Classic Car Register penangtalk.com/nmvccr
Performance Carbs Forum carbforum.sytes.net
Photokaki Forum www.photokaki.com
R3gister-Home to R3 Owners www.r3gister.org
R3gister Forum www.scratchdisk.biz.r3gister/forum/
Reckless Motorsport www.recklessmotorsport.cjb.net
Redline Club www.redline-club.com
Sarawak Auto Forum www.zerograviti.org
Syabas Drift www.syabasdrift.com
Tandem Assasin Tengku Djan www.princeofdrift.com
Team Eighth www.teameighth.com
Team Kaitenaz www.kaitenazracing.com
Team Matrix groups.msn.com/teammatrixmotorsports
Team Slipstream (Car Forum) www.slipstreamer.net
Team Street www.teamstreet.info
Team Yakuza www.teamyakuza.net
The Auto Garage Group www.iamtagged.net
VIP Dream Club www.vipdreamclub.com
VIP Style Society Malaysia www.vipstylesociety.com

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