“I’ve just received the item. I am really satisfied with the way you wrapped the packages and the goodies. Nice dealing with 12 v.com.my.”

Hidayat, Taiping

I am very pleased with service provided and would recommend your company to
my friends. Prompt and good service is very difficult to get these days and
you guys have been very good to me.

thanks alot,

DAD Dashboard Cover for Proton GEN2

Thanks for your cooperation and great respond from you guys. I’m sure I’ll buy from you again =)

Nizam, 12-NOV-2011

H7 Crystal Vision 4300K Halogen Bulb
Have received the goods in a perfect condition yesterday.
Thanks for your fast delivery.

Rool, 11th November 2011

Dashboard Kit, Car Audio Player Installation Casing for LEXUS RX300&350 / TOYOTA HARRIER Yr 03-09'
Thanks David for the efficient business.
Looking forward to do business with you again soon.

En. Amirol, 10th August 2011

Received your package. Real fast delivery. Thnx.

Superb. Jacky’s worker takes precaution in installing and exercise safety. Jacky charged me RM25 which is quite cheap. Quite a nice guy actually. Thanks for your concern and great customer service.

12V Member “cctung”, 19 JUL 2011

Thanks for your services, Ordering the DAD dashboard cover only take 3 days!! Very very succesfull!!
12V Member “izuka74”, 11 JUL 2011

Hi David,

Just to let you know , what a terrific web site you have. and your service is second to none, it would be impossible to have received my goods faster and communications were excellent.
i will be ordering from your company again.

Thanks and best regards
Martyn Rolton, 14 JUL 2011

David, have installed the CX-899 & Reverse Camera, I like it much, and just send over 2 pics to your email, let me know if not good enuff, thanks.

12V Member “Stepwise”, 7 JUL 2011

Thankz br0 YC, 2 unit carv0x CX2095MP dah smpai, nice deal with y0u.

12V Member “syafie”, 7 JUL 2011