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Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT Perodua Myvi Advance 3rd Gen Install

This week we had a chance to work on Hakim's Perodua Myvi Advance. He wasn't satisfied of the factory head unit and wanted more features and better sound quality from his head unit. After some research, he decided on the top of the line Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT mainly for the Wireless Apple CarPlay function. Being [...]

Car Audio : What are Parallel Imports and Should I Care?

We've been asked this a lot recently and so have decided to clarify this, or at least attempt to. This write-up will be focused on the car audio products, however it should apply in general we suppose.   If for some strange reason you need to read in detail regarding parallel imports, check out the [...]

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VERSUS: Sony XAV-AX5000 vs Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT

Sony XAV-AX5000 Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT FEATURES & SPECS COMPARISON Product Details Product SONY XAV-AX5000 6.95" (17.6cm) Apple CarPlay Android Auto Bluetooth Car Radio Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT 7" WiFi for Wireless Apple CarPlay Android Auto Mirroring Image Price RM1,635.00 RM2,695.00 Model XAV-AX5000 AVH-Z9150BT Brand Sony Pioneer Availability In Stock In Stock Rating [...]

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Kenwood DDX419BT Dual Camera Function Explained

  Kenwood Dual Camera feature has been around for quite some time now. Nevertheless, there are still questions when it comes to how it works, how to wire it up and also what cameras are suitable for this.   Firstly, it is important to note that this is written based on the Kenwood DDX419BT, however, [...]

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Car Audio – The Android Confusion

  We noticed recently there is a lack of understanding with regards to Android related stereos and would like to make an attempt to clarify this as best as we can with this little brain of ours.   The main confusion occurs when words like Android Auto, Android OS and Android Support are used. Futhermore [...]

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Honda CR-V 2007 Dashboard Kit

Honda CR-V 2007 requires a dashboard kit to install aftermarket receivers. If your dashboard looks like the photos shown, then these are the dashboard kits you can get: Brand: Wisdom Holy Manufactured in Taiwan https://www.fasmoto.com/honda-crv-yr-07-11-dashboard-kit-car-audio-player-installation-casing Brand: Yelew Manufactured in China https://www.fasmoto.com/honda-crv-yr-07-11-china-dashboard-kit-car-audio-player-installation-casing

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Will my Steering Wheel Control Buttons work if I change my stereo?

We get asked this a lot, so I figured, it is probably good if I clarify this and hope that it will help you in understanding this. When we say Steering Wheel Controls, what we mean are the buttons on your steering wheel, specifically the ones that control your head unit fuctions such as [...]

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