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Pioneer New Z Series Apple CarPlay Android Auto Car Multimedia Receivers

Be Connected. Unite your life. That's the latest tagline from Pioneer. Just what do they mean? From what we gather, Pioneer is aware that smartphones are now part of everyone's life in such a big way that they could not neglect this fact in their product development. So we see them innovating smartphone integration into [...]

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Kenwood KCA-WL100 Firmware Update Procedure for iOS 10 Support

As the owner of iPhone, you would have noticed that the KCA-WL100 stops working after you updated your iPhone's operating system to iOS 10 since September 2016. The KCA-WL100 is an HDMI Wifi Dongle which allows you to mirror your iPhone's display to supported Kenwood head unit, without the use of a HDMI cable. Hence, [...]

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Car Audio Equalizer: Do you need it?

Whenever you come across an audio system, you’re bound to bump into the word equalizer. I’m sure many already know what it means, but I also believe many are either unsure¬†or know very little about equalizers and if you should have one. And more importantly, what function does it serve and do you need it. [...]

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Battle of Car Audio Brands

Legends HU = Head Units A = Amps SW = Subs Sp = Mids/Highs M = Multimedia All = Entire Line Grade: Stay Away American Pro (All) Audiobank (All) Blackmore Mobile Electronics (All) Blitz (All) DHD (All) Diesel Audio (All) Kenford (All) Kole Audio (All) Legacy (All) Majestic (All) Performance Teknique (All) Phase Linear (All) [...]

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Car Audio & Video Guides : Head Unit (Stereo, Receivers, Players)

How do I decide on which head unit to get? So, you've decided that your car stereo system just isn't cutting it. Or perhaps its busted and you need to replace it. Thankfully, with the break-neck pace of technology advancement these days, there is a plethora of systems to choose from with all sorts of [...]

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