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Proton Persona Ultra Racing Chassis Strength & Stabilizer Bars

Ultra Racing Chassis Strengthening & Stabilizer Bars for Proton Persona Fender Bar (1 Pair) FD3.044 P.Persona.Gen2.Waja Fender Bar Gen 2 Fender Installed at the left and right side of the vehicle wheel arch or fender. Fender bars can give extra support and strength to the chassis especially during cornering. [...]

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Ultra Racing Chassis Strengthening & Stabilizer Bars now available at 12Volts!

Strut Bars and Chassis Strengthening Technology If you're serious about your car's handling performance, you will first be looking at lowering the suspension. In most cases, unless you're a complete petrolhead, this will be more than adequate. However, if you are a keen driver, you will be able to get far better handling out of [...]

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