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Car Horn

PIAA HO-14 OTO Style 112 dB 400/500Hz Automotive Horn (1 Pair)

This PIAA OTO Style horn blasts 400Hz/500Hz music at 112 dB, guaranteed to wake up your neighbours. Features: 1) 112 dB loud and attention-seeking. 2) Water and dust-proof design. 3) Slim design, easy to fit and install. 4) Meets PIAA strict standards of more than [...]

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Jeffrey’s Toyota Altis Pioneer Speakers Upgrade

Pioneer speaker upgrade on Jeffrey's brand spanking new Toyota Altis. A look at the stock speakers. Jeffrey's speaker of choice, the Pioneer TS-D1730C for the front and TS-G1605C for the rear. For this particular install, we avoided cutting any wires as the car is still under warranty. Tweeters pretty much need to be done at [...]

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PIAA Twin Horn Install into Perodua Alza

Do you feel inadequate whenever you honk your car horns? You are not alone, there are many cars that that come out of the factory with lethargic sounding horns. You would be lucky if anyone even notices. The point of having a car horn is so that it can be used in emergencies to gain [...]

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