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PIAA Automotive Sports Horn for Cars, Bikes and vehicles running 12V

Car horns. Love it or hate it, is undeniably an important part of our vehicle. It has also become part of the soundscape of many large and busy cities. Originally created for safety reasons, its usage has evolved and is used in many other ways these days. The main use of car horns are to [...]

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X-1R Octane Booster RON Increaser

Benefits Increase Octane by 3 numbers Eliminates knocking Stops pinging Stops engine run-on Increases engine performance Restores lost horsepower Excellent Lead substitute Big power in a little bottle! At X-1R we are committed to providing the latest scientific developments to the everyday motorists, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the appliance [...]

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K&N Air Filter E-2653

Part E-2653 Product Specifications Product Style: Unique Universal Air Filter Filter Material: Cotton Gauze Flanges: None Height: 13.313 in (338 mm) Base Outside Length: 5.625 in (143 mm) Base Outside Width: 3.375 in (86 mm) Filter Re-Oiling Amount: 2.13 oz (63 ml) Flange Type: Centered Top Material/Finish: None Top Outside Length: 4.625 in (117 mm) [...]

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K&N PS-1010 Pro Series Canister Automotive Oil Filters

K&N Pro Series Oil Filters have been specially designed for professional installers and service providers. Their high flow design can help to improve engine performance by reducing oil filter restriction. Our Pro Series Oil Filters have a fluted canister shape so they can be removed with a traditional oil filter wrench commonly available to commercial [...]

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Liqui Moly CERA TEC 300ml

CERA TEC is a high-tech ceramic wear protection product for all motor oils. CERA TEC reduces friction and wear due to ceramic compounds that withstand extremely high chemical and thermal loads. Prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, thus increasing the engine service life. The low-friction effect reduces fuel consumption in gasoline and diesel engines. Sufficient for 5 [...]

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ZERONE Super Thermo Bandage 950

ZERONE Super Thermo Bandage 950 ZERONE SUPER THERMO BANDAGE 950 was designed, developed & tested over 10 years ago. Exhaust insulating bandage is an innovative way of retaining heat in your exhaust system, creating more horsepower & reducing under-hood temperature. Not only it maintains exhaust gas heat thru low density, it also generates a greater [...]

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K&N Air Filter for Honda CRZ 1.5 2011-ON

  High Air Flow with Excellent Filtration Designed to Increase Horsepower and Acceleration Washable and Reusable Will NOT Void Vehicle Warranty Lasts up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty® Emissions Legal in all 50 US States. Economical, a K&N Air Filter Will Last the Life [...]

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