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Car Wipers

Guide to shopping for Wiper Blades

Wipers are probably one of the most crucial yet often overlooked replacement part on vehicles. It's been around pretty much since the invention of automobiles and will probably be around for years to come. Wipers should be checked often and replaced BEFORE they fail. I'm sure we can all imagine driving with wipers that don't [...]

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Save on wipers by getting the PIAA Silicone Wiper Refills

Find out your vehicle's wiper measurement: audiotech.fasmoto.com/2013/08/wiper-sizes-and-fitting-application-guide-for-malaysian-vehicles/ Fits all PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blade assemblies. Match the length of the refill to  the length of the wiper blade currently installed on the vehicle. PIAA wiper refills may also fit some Original Equipment and other manufacturers' wiper blade assemblies. Verify that wiper has a square-type claw [...]

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Bosch Eco Plus Wiper Blade – Advanced Tropical Rubber Formula with Graphite

Bosch ECO wiper blades combine high quality and low cost for an economical alternative to refills. Combining the Quick-Clip connector system for easy installation, rivet joins for increased stability and a new formulation natural rubber for high durability, ECO will provide a safer and easier solution than refills. Unique Features Due to the low cost [...]

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NEO Blade Graphite Rubber Replacement

NEO Blade Graphite Rubber Replacement now available on 12V's Online Store! You can get the refills in the following sizes: 1) NEO Blade Graphite Rubber Replacement 14" 2) NEO Blade Graphite Rubber Replacement 16" 3) NEO Blade Graphite Rubber Replacement 18" 4) NEO Blade Graphite Rubber Replacement 20" 5) NEO Blade Graphite Rubber Replacement 22" [...]

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NEO Blade Windscreen Wipers

Product Features: Made of High Endurance Graphite Rubber for extreme tropical weather Aerodynamic low profile with unique profile Constant even pressure for smoother wiping performance Quiet and Better Wiping performance Reduce windlift while high speed driving Original Equipment Manaufacturer in Korea Available wiper sizes:- 14" (355mm) 16" (400mm) 18" (450mm) 20" (500mm) 22" (550mm) 24" [...]

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