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Exhaust System

///Exhaust System

ZERONE Super Thermo Bandage 950

ZERONE Super Thermo Bandage 950 ZERONE SUPER THERMO BANDAGE 950 was designed, developed & tested over 10 years ago. Exhaust insulating bandage is an innovative way of retaining heat in your exhaust system, creating more horsepower & reducing under-hood temperature. Not only it maintains exhaust gas heat thru low density, it also generates a greater [...]

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BRISK Germany Fiber Glass Heat Wrap

Specifications Fiberglass Heat Wrap Manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn, the product offers superior insulating properties as well as reduces radiant heat damage. Available in: Heat treated tan color finished. Tape laminated with aluminium foil Tape coated with silicone rubber. Application: Exhaust manifold insulation, Hot pipe protection, Wrapping of steam tracer line, Covering tadpole tape and [...]

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WORKS Engineering Clearance Sales

The following items from WORKS Engineering will be cleared out very soon. Order yours before stock runs out! Honda CIVIC 2.0 FD2 4-2-1 Extractor, CLEARANCE PRICE: RM739 ****** Suzuki SWIFT 4-2-1 Extractor, CLEARANCE PRICE: RM585 ****** Final Drive for EG 4.0, CLEARANCE PRICE: RM987 ****** Proton GEN2 4-2-1 Extractor, CLEARANCE PRICE: RM342 ****** Honda CIVIC [...]

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