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Lasers could replace spark plugs in car engines

By Jason Palmer Science and technology reporter, BBC News Two or three lasers are focused to ignite fuel in more than one place Car engines could soon be fired by lasers instead of spark plugs, researchers say. A team at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics will report on 1 May that they [...]

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Ken Block airfield rallying – Top Gear – BBC

Rallying and stunt-driving legend Ken Block joins James May on a rather quiet airfield in California. Quiet that is until he turns the airfield into a playground and shows off his Sabaru-sliding skills against dirt-biking champion Ricky Carmichael! Go to http://www.youtube.com/TopGear to see a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear [...]

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Ignition.my-RCA Speed Challenge Sepang 26/09/2010

It was 1pm as I arrived at the Sepang F1 circuit. Just in time to catch the action. The turnout was reasonable, seeing that there weren't really many big names involved. However the entire event was handled pretty well with the organizers constantly doing their best to stick to the schedule. The rain however caused [...]

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Video – Gymkhana 3: New Ken on the Block

This is how it was always supposed to be – no music, no crappy slow motion bullshit, no kicking water balloons filled with green liquid and especially no idiots with flat brim caps packing paint ball guns trying to look like tough guys. This is pure BLOCK. Enjoy – this is THE best gymkhana video [...]

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Speed Trap Zones

Via MyAltis.com: Place of offence Speed Limit Office/Station Central KM 15 JLN KL-RAWANG-KL 90KM/J Gombak (Selayang) KM 32 L/RAYA KL-KARAK 90KM/J Gombak (Selayang) KM 433 L/RAYA UTARA-SELATAN 110KM/J Gombak (Selayang) KM 444 L/RAYA UTARA-SELATAN 110KM/J Gombak (Selayang) KM 447 L/RAYA UTARA-SELATAN 110KM/J Gombak (Selayang) KM 400 L/RATA UTARA-SELATAN 110KM/J Hulu Selangor (KKB) KM 13 L/RAYA [...]

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12v.com.my’s first blog post!

Welcome to AudioTech.fasmoto.com.my! The business concept is formed by 2 young entrepreneurs from Johor Bahru in early 2009, and later released to the public on Apr 2010. The concept is rather simple - a truely dedicated online shop offering all sorts of car accessories, car audio, spare parts at wholesale prices. Through strong relationships with [...]

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