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K&N Air Filter E-2653

Part E-2653 Product Specifications Product Style: Unique Universal Air Filter Filter Material: Cotton Gauze Flanges: None Height: 13.313 in (338 mm) Base Outside Length: 5.625 in (143 mm) Base Outside Width: 3.375 in (86 mm) Filter Re-Oiling Amount: 2.13 oz (63 ml) Flange Type: Centered Top Material/Finish: None Top Outside Length: 4.625 in (117 mm) [...]

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Project Mu Bestop Brake Pad

Genuine replacement models offer performance equivalent to genuine parts, and can be used as replacements for vehicle inspection certificate purposes. It has better temperature and friction capabilities than standard OEM pads, but the same low noise & dust characteristics. Material: Non Steel Applicable Rotor Temperature: 0~350℃ Friction Coefficient: 0.30~0.35μ Asbestos Free BUY ONLINE

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Project MU Brake Disc Rotor SCR Pure Plus6

The round slits have a greater cleaning effect than their straight counterparts, and improve initial braking. Highly recommended for those that mainly do on-street “sport” driving. SCR Pure Plus6 are designed for high braking performance rather than wear-resistance and silence. Therefore, brake pads may wear faster than normal and some noise may be emitted when [...]

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Bosch Eco Plus Wiper Blade – Advanced Tropical Rubber Formula with Graphite

Bosch ECO wiper blades combine high quality and low cost for an economical alternative to refills. Combining the Quick-Clip connector system for easy installation, rivet joins for increased stability and a new formulation natural rubber for high durability, ECO will provide a safer and easier solution than refills. Unique Features Due to the low cost [...]

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TechVision Monitor Visor for 5.8″ – 8″ LCD Monitors to Reduce Glare

TechVision Monitor Visor for 5.8" - 8" LCD Monitors to Reduce Glare Even the best monitors in the market can't totally avoid the glare from the sun. This is a great solution that will help you better see, use and enjoy your in-car monitors. Features Adjustable width from 5.8" to 8" Get the TechVision Monitor [...]

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