PIAA Automotive Sports Horn for Cars, Bikes and vehicles running 12V

Car horns. Love it or hate it, is undeniably an important part of our vehicle. It has also become part of the soundscape of many large and busy cities. Originally created for safety reasons, its usage has evolved and is used in many other ways these days. The main use of car horns are to [...]

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RaceChip Pro2 for Honda Civic FC 1.5 Turbo Install

Here is a simple video and some photos of our RaceChip Pro2 Chiptuning install on the Honda Civic FC 1.5 Turbo. Thanks to Adrian for driving all the way down from Penang. Thanks also to Felix and Khairul from RaceChip Malaysia for taking the time to help us out even though it was your day [...]

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RaceChip Workshop

Just a few days back, the Fasmoto crew were invited to take part in one of RaceChip's training workshops. We must say we're very impressed with their technology and how easy it is to add those extra horses into your engines without any major mods and voiding those pesky manufacturers' warranties. Stay 'TUNED', literally!

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Android Auto & Apple CarPlay is here!

Recently Kenwood has released its latest flagship DDX916WS and DNX8160S models which supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Exciting times people. Hey, but where is DDX9106S? We're hoping Kenwood will release it soon. So, for those who don't already know what Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is about. In a nutshell, it extends the [...]

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Kenwood Air Mirroring in action baby! #kenwood #kenwoodmalaysia #airmirroring @fasmoto

from Instagram: For installation enquiries, please contact: 1) David +60196593061, E-mail: 2) YC +60195692664, E-mail: Our installation center is located here:

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6 Tips for Buying and Caring for Your Car Wipers

1. Use a measuring tape to get the length of the driver side's wiper and passenger side's wiper. 2. Japanese, Korean and Malaysian car models generally uses the u-hook wipers which are widely available in most car accessories and auto parts shops. For continental cars, ensure the adapter of the replacement wiper can fit your [...]

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Ecothetic engine oil – The Practical Choice

Ecothetic Oil - The Practical Choice Ecothetic is an advanced synthetic petrol engine oil with unique propertis to reduce friction across a wide range of driving speeds and conditions. It maximizes engine performance and is formulated to provide superior all round protection under severe operating conditions. Superior engine protection for turbocharged & multi-valve [...]

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Most popular daily drivers and how you can have some fun with it

Perodua Myvi Image from Image from Ewin's Myvi. Image from Image from Image from Toyota Vios Image from Image from Image by Proton Saga Image from Image [...]

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