After a 2 years hiatus, Autoglym is now back on our shelves. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we’ve been working on since the start of 2019.

Since then, some products have been removed and new ones were added to their line up. Notable new additions are the:

Magma Color Transform Technology
No, they don’t change the color of your paintwork. This new product reacts to iron contaminants and changes colors before you washed them off.

Autoglym Malaysia Magma Color Transform Technology

Ultra High Definition Wax
There’s carnauba wax and there’s better carnauba wax. Don’t take our word for it, let the water beads convince you.

Autoglym Malaysia Ultra High Definition Wax

Polar Blast Snow Wash
You’ll need a pressure washer or foam gun for the Polar Blast. We believe this is the consumer’s version of the Autoglym’s 25-litre Traffic Film Remover (TFR). This detergent do not require agitation and should be perfect for a quick wash on a mildly soiled paintwork.

Autoglym Malaysia Polar Blast Snow Wash

Pure Shampoo & Ultra High Definition Shampoo
If you are one of those foam-lovers, you should definitely give these high foaming formula detergents a try. Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is still available for those of us who are not so into foams.

Autoglym Malaysia Pure Shampoo & Ultra High Definition Shampoo

High Performance Tyre Gel
For longer lasting high gloss finishing on your tyres, this one would be up to the task. Apply this only on the side wall of your tyres, not the threads unless you are going for high performance skidding.

Autoglym Malaysia High Performance Tyre Gel

Black Applicator Pads
They’ve changed colors over the years from red to blue and now black but these handy pads (pun-intended) definitely makes the detailing process a more enjoyable chore. And they now come in pack of 2.

Autoglym Malaysia Black Applicator Pads

It’s great to be bringing back this legendary brand to our customers again.

If you have any questions about these new Autoglym products or stock availability, just drop us an email.