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Marriage between Bluetooth Handsfree Kit and iPhone

Seriously, when it comes to iPhones, I'm usually quite skeptical on it's BlueTooth connectivity with other devices. And so began my adventure to pair the iPhone with another complete stranger: one of our popular rear-view handsfree BlueTooth kits. I now pronounce you \'Husband\' and \'Wife\'... Paired successfully! Fortunately, the iPhone and our rear-view [...]

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Complementing the 10.5G Toyota Altis

As with all gadget upgrades, there's always the issue of 'backward compatibility'. Smart designers would make sure that their new upgrades would not break compatibility with its existing ecosystem of software and hardware, unless there's a VERY good reason to do that. And with the newly introduced 10.5th Generation of Toyota Altis, we were anxious [...]

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