Tomei Powered are at the very top of the game when it comes to turbocharged engine tuning and their range of snails reflect a dedication to perfectionism that has translated into real world performance over the decades…

This really stands out should you have the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of this very well established company. Together with Eiji Mihara, Director of Tomei Powered Japan and Allen Lorenzo, Head of International Marketing, 7tune can bring you the latest news and information from one of the world’s most respected tuners.

It’s a funny story how I know Allen, here pictured with master engine builder Tahara san. Our relationship goes back to Junior high school in Australia back in the early 90′s and it came as a complete surprise to me to discover Allen was here in Tokyo and working for Tomei no less some 15 years later! And to think; there I was thinking I was the car nut out of the two of us.

Coming back to the “ARMS” range of Tomei Powered turbochargers, it is easy to see they reflect superior build quality and craftsmanship that is developed and then perfected in-house by dedicated and passionate people; all of whom consider themselves as a part of the Tomei Powered family.

The turbos are designed around “exhaustive” tests, with engine dyno rigs set up to assess real world effects; here an EJ25T is being put through a series of these punishing tests to measure the best balance for the turbo being developed.

Here you can see the varying exhaust housings used in the search of that ideal combination of torque and power figures for the particular application a client is looking for, whether it be street, track or strip related.

Tomei Powered have recently introduced a functional and attractive upgrade to their boost actuators, now available in blue aluminum.

If you are after specific high end application for example, Tomei Powered has the answer again – this ARMS M7960 for example is a perfect fit for the Evolution 8 or 9, and able to offer upwards of 400hp. Tomei Powered offer turbochargers for almost any modern Japanese engine and no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

Tomei Powered turbos definitely mean business when they dwarf your entire arm – and who wouldn’t be a big fan of Tomei Powered’s embossing?

No matter what you are after for engine tuning, Tomei Powered can supply the quality and satisfaction.

Words: Adam Zillin

Photos: Adam Zillin