12Volts Toyota Camry Carvox OEM Head Unit CM-CAMRY Reverse Camera

Kwan’s Toyota Camry

Here is an installation for the Carvox Toyota Camry OEM fit Head Unit and the Carvox CM-CAMRY reverse camera into Kwan’s Toyota Camry. As it was a busy day at Wira Sound System, we had to get in line to wait our turn. Being the professionals that they are, once it was our turn, their attention was focused solely on getting Kwan’s ride done.

As usual, Ah Seng gets going at lightning speed and had the dash and centre console stripped. Next, he proceeded to wire up the unit, to check and make sure that everything is in working order.

Carvox Toyota Camry OEM Head Unit & CM-CAMRY Reverse Camera

Ah Seng from WSS doing what he does best!

Once all is in order, the new Head Unit needs to be attached to the bracket. Needless to say, the old unit has to make way for new HD goodness 🙂

Carvox Toyota Camry OEM HD DVD Touch Screen Player

Touch Screen HD goodness!

Once the old unit has been replaced, back in it goes to the dash. Before securing any screws or panels, Ah Seng runs a final test to make sure everything is working properly.

Carvox Toyota Camry OEM fit HD DVD Bluetooth Touch Screen

Side View of the Head Unit

Not to foget, while we are busy with the Head Unit up in front, the Reverse camera was being put in.

Carvox CM-CAMRY OEM type Reverse Camera

The Carvox Toyota Camry OEM fit Reverse Camera

Once everything goes in, final tests are done to make sure that the Touch-screen, DVD, USB, SD card, Ipod cable, Bluetooth, GPS Navigator, Reverse Camera, Radio and TV functions are in order. And thankfully for us, it was 🙂

Carvox Iphone connectivity

Ipod Cable at work!

Toyota Carvox Toyota Camry OEM DVD Player

Finally, it’s all done and ready to be enjoyed

Special Thanks to Kwan for allowing us to shoot these photos. We hope you enjoy the Motive DVD !

Also, thanks to Ah Boy(David) and his boys, Ah Seng, Erman and the rest at Wira Sound System ( No.27, Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras,
Wilayah Persekutuan, Tel: 603-91304089 ) in Cheras. Another great job done!