GP-7 is a 100% synthetic oil specifically designed for high output 2-stroke racing engines. GP-7 utilizes Torco’s advanced smokeless technology to increase power efficiency, improve throttle response and provide “ultra-clean” performance. A combination of synthetic fortifiers and additive systems provide protection under extreme temperatures, high rpm and load conditions. GP-7 is blended for maximum performance and will prevent plug fouling, pre-ignition, ring sticking and power valve deposits. Premix only.

Features & Benefits
– 100% Synthetic formula
– Improves power efficiency and throttle response
– Protects under the most severe loads and temperatures
– Provides superior detergency for clean, deposit free operation
– The most advanced smokeless technology

Recommended for racing or modified liquid cooled or air cooled 2-cycle engines. Premix applications only.

Meets or Exceeds

Buy Online, Worldwide Delivery Torco Malaysia GP-7 TWO STROKE RACING OIL

Buy Online, Worldwide Delivery, Torco GP-7 TWO STROKE RACING OIL