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When considering to upgrade the head unit on the Volkswagen Beetle, the Android head unit may be the best option out there. These head units come ready to plug in to the car and the mounting kit fits perfectly.

On top of that, given that the VW Beetle has a number of integrated functions to the stereo via can bus, the interface that comes with the kit helps retain all these functions without any hassle. All you need to do is select the correct model in the vehicle can bus settings.

Features such as Optical Parking Sensors (OPS), Dynamic Parking Lines, Steering Wheel Controls, AC Display and Door Open Display are all retained easily.

We also installed the super clear Teyes AHD reverse camera which is brilliant when paired with the large Teyes display. Everything looks crisp and you would be blown away by the night low light performance. Dare we say the best AHD camera in market we have come across.

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