Do you feel inadequate whenever you honk your car horns? You are not alone, there are many cars that that come out of the factory with lethargic sounding horns. You would be lucky if anyone even notices. The point of having a car horn is so that it can be used in emergencies to gain the attention of other road users. Unfortunately for this particular car owner, he was not at all satisfied with the horn in his car.  Fret not, PIAA makes some amazing horns that will satisfy your need.


Our customer decided to go for the PIAA HO-2 Twin Sports Horn. There are 2 units in this horn set that blow at 400Hz and 500Hz respectively. This range is a favorite with most customers as the sound is not exactly painful to the ears but yet very noticeable.


For this car, the bumper needed to be loosened in order to reach where the original horn is installed.


You really need to know what you’re doing to remove the bumper. Our guy makes it look easy. If you’re gonna do it yourself, please be very careful to not crack or break your bumper.


Once the bumper is off, the original horn is then removed.


Meanwhile, the owner of this car had bought a new car battery and was working on replacing the car batteries himself. Simple as it is, a lot of sweat was involved 🙂


Out goes the Panasonic and in goes the Sznajder battery.


Now, the first of two horns is first mounted into place. This takes the place of the original horn that was removed.


Some work was needed to find space slightly below and to the left of the original horn to fit the second horn.


The wires are now prepped and connected to the power supply. In this case, we added a relay since the original only had one horn.


The pitiful original horn. It’s less than half the size of the new horn. It sounds like it looks, tiny.


Here’s a closer look. The original horn is replaced with the 500Hz horn and the 400Hz horn is placed slightly lower.


Here’s the second 400Hz horn.


Some foam was added between the horn and the car body fo some added protection.


Wires secured in place. All that is left is to test the horn, and boy was this customer satisfied. Jobs done. Till the next one, cheers!

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