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For those who want to upgrade their Perodua Myvi G3 head unit but want to keep things looking rather stock, then the best option is to go for something like this Kenwood DMX7522S. Given that the Myvi can fit standard Double DIN size, this keeps things simple.

Another reason why the Kenwood DMX7522S is a good option for Perodua and Toyota is due to the fact they provide the 200mm trim which can be used for the install. And the trim provided is a perfect fit so no need for much hassle trying to fit spacers.

The DMX7522S is also one the cheapest Wireless Apple Carplay/ Android Auto units in market which is great news for those who want to have the modern functionality without a huge impact on their wallets.

For Perodua Myvi AV owners, do not fear, we are able to retain steering wheel controls and factory reverse camera functionality too.

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