Devan’s VW Jetta “Air Mirroring” and foglamp LED upgrade

About a week ago, Devan had his VW Jetta head unit upgraded from a no brand unit to the Kenwood DNX535VBT. If you missed it, here is the link Devan came back to add the Kenwood KCA-WL100 WiFi HDMI dongle because he wanted to use the "Air Mirroring" feature. First things first, we check [...]

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Pioneer DEH-X6850BT installed into the Mitsubishi Triton

This time around we had the opportunity to install the Pioneer DEH-X6850BT into Terry's Mitsubishi Triton 4x4. Terry was formerly using the DEH-9350SD, which was a decent receiver. However, it was lacking the Bluetooth connectivity which is so useful these days with music streaming. So, being a loyal Pioneer guy, Terry decided to get the [...]

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Kenwood DNX535VBT installed on the Volkwagen Jetta

We had the opportunity of installing the Kenwood DNX535VBT into the VW Jetta this week thanks to Devan. Previously, he already had a no brand Factory Fit unit installed, but was not too happy with the unit. So he scoured the net and found the DNX535VBT and decided to go for it. This is the [...]

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Sony XSP-N1BT Cradle Receiver Installed in a Hyundai i10

This week, we had Dominic drop by for the installation of the Sony XSP-N1BT into his Hyundai i10. This particular Sony is rather interesting as it does not come with a touch screen. Instead, it is just a cradle for you to dock your phone, which then acts as the screen. This may be the [...]

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Toyota Alphard 2014 – Redbat Double Lock Install

As usual, our eager installer gets right to work before we could get our Toyota Alphard Beauty shot. Ok, on to the Redbat Double lock for the Toyota Alphard 2014 installation. First step, dismantle and remove the bottom panel so we can reach the pedals and also the cables. A simple as it sounds, know [...]

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PIAA Twin Horn Install into Perodua Alza

Do you feel inadequate whenever you honk your car horns? You are not alone, there are many cars that that come out of the factory with lethargic sounding horns. You would be lucky if anyone even notices. The point of having a car horn is so that it can be used in emergencies to gain [...]

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Kenwood Air Mirroring in action baby! #kenwood #kenwoodmalaysia #airmirroring @fasmoto

from Instagram: For installation enquiries, please contact: 1) David +60196593061, E-mail: 2) YC +60195692664, E-mail: Our installation center is located here:

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Toyota Vios 1st Gen. Kenwood DDX1035 Car Stereo Installation

Last week we had an opportunity to work on Wee's 1st Generation Toyota Vios.  He wanted to replace his 1 week old no brand stereo as he was not satisfied with it. So the plan was to remove the currently installed stereo and replace his mom's Perodua Axia standard stereo head unit. Check out the [...]

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Hyundai Matrix Installing Sony XAV-W650BT with Head Rest Monitors and Rear Camera

We had the opportunity to work on Hilman's Hyundai Matrix. Opening dashkit is a delicate procedure, especially on vehicles that has been sun-bathed for some time. The original stock player is a Pioneer unit. Much of the existing wires remain intact. Opening up the rear compartment to run the reverse camera's wiring. Taping the RCA [...]

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Perodua Axia – Installing the Toyota 200MM Sized Head Unit

The standard Perodua Axia will fit a double DIN head unit. However, the popularity of Toyota 200MM head units, even from popular brand manufacturers such as Kenwood and Pioneer has made changing to it very attractive. Especially given the fact that Perodua stereo sockets are identical to Toyota 200MM stereos. It's basically a plug-n-play application. [...]

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