Replacing the stock air filters with an aftermarket version is the simplest way to improve your vehicles performance, longevity and economy. The Simota/Works Engineering Replacement Air Filters are quality built to high standards, plus improves performance and fuel consumption through rigorous research and development. Here, you will see the simple steps needed to replace your stock air filter with an aftermarket air filter for the Perodua MYVI 1.3. Other vehicles may not vary much in terms of installation.

Step 1

Find the right air filter and purchase. We at carry a number of air filters for various makes and models. Get yours today!

Simota/Works Engineering Air Filter for the Perodua MYVI 1.3

Closer look at the Works Engineering Replacement Air Filter

Step 2

Open up your hood and get to work. Locate the air filter box and unclip the cover. There are six clips holding the box. With the cover off, you’ll see the stock air filter, begging to be replaced 🙂

Unclip these

Unclip the six clips that hold the cover

The Stock Air Filter

The Stock Air Filter

Step 3

Take the stock air filter out and dispose of it. Put the new Simota/Works-Engineering Replacement Air Filter in it’s place. Make sure the right side is facing up.

Air Filter Comparison

Stock Air Filter and Simota/Works-Engineering Air Filter Comparison

Correct Placement

Make sure to place the filter correctly

Step 4

Put the cover back onto the box, and reclip the 6 clips, and you’re done! Good Job!!! Take the car out for a spin now, you know you want too 😉