Adding a subwoofer to your system is a right step into getting a more complete sound. So, how do you decide on which subwoofer is the right one for you. There are basically 3 groups that you may belong to.

1. I want to keep my trunk space and don’t want to fuss about with amps.

If space constraint is an issue for you or perhaps your vehicle, then a powered compact sub may be just what you need. These space-saving subs are ideal as it has a built in amplifier and you can place this sub under the seat. Bare in mind though that if your goal is to blast your audio to kingdom come, then this may not be enough as it is limited by space. Don’t get me wrong though, these subs do add a significant difference in getting the lower frequencies in your system. Life is always better with a subwoofer, trust me.

VSL 10AS Under Seat Subwoofer with Bass Remote Control

Compact Powered Subwoofer

2. I have trunk space, but don’t want the trouble of having to add an amp.

If you have a little bit more space, say your trunk to give up, but don’t like the idea of having additional amp, then a powered enclosed sub is ideal as it is able to provide more as it is less constrained by space compared to the compact powered subs.

Enclosed Powered Subwoofer

3. I want subs to be perfect to my taste

All you need to do then is to match the right sub to the amp and get an enclosure that will suit it. Voila!

So, now that you know which group you belong to, the next thing is to consider some of the details when picking out the sub for your system.


What size subwoofers should you get? I’d suggest go for the biggest your space and budget will allow. Remember to take into account enclosure size.


The more power, the louder you can go. Be sure to match your sub to your amps power-handling rating. Always look at the RMS power.


The higher the sensitivity, the less power it needs to be loud. This is ideal for the average user with a low powered amp. If you wanna go loud, go for a lower sensitivity subwoofer and a high powered amp.

Frequency Range

This will let you know the range that the sub can achieve.


This is important when matching the subwoofer to the amplifier


Dual voice coils allow for greater flexibility in the wiring setup

Enclosure Type

Generally, there are 2 types. Ported and sealed. If you plan on going loud, then a ported enclosure will allow pressure to escape which means you can push your subwoofer harder. A sealed enclosure can’t be pushed as far, but it provides a deeper and more accurate low frequency reproduction. Ideal if you’re after sound quality.