Steel Braided Brake Hose Installation
The brake hose functions as the carrier of brake fluid through a hydraulic braking system.

In general, there are 2 types of brake hose that you can get in the performance or replacement market- rubber brake hose or the steel braided brake hose.

Steel Braided Brake Hose Installation

Because the rubber brake hose can swell during high-pressure braking, most people who prefers to have firmer feel during braking would opt for the steel braided brake hose. Another added advantage of the stainless steel brake hose is that it can protect the brake hose when hit by debris on the road while driving at high speed.

It’s also important to note that the inner core of steel braided brake hose is made of Teflon, a material which helps to achieve low friction and low expansion during application of extreme pressure.

Steel Braided Brake Hose Installation

It is highly recommended that the brake fluid be replaced every 2 years and the brake hoses every 6 years. If you are on the road more often than the average driver, you should replace them sooner or inspect your braking system often.

Although the steel braided brake hose is not as flexible as their rubber counterparts, the braided construction of the steel brake hose allows maximum flexibility without compromising strength.

Steel Braided Brake Hose Installation

Over time, the rubber hose which expands at different rate over the four wheels of a vehicle may cause braking inconsistency. This may result in ineffective braking (swerving left and right) because the brake locks the wheel with a slight time difference. This inconsistency can be eliminated with the non-expanding steel braided brake hose.

When replacing your brake system, make sure they meet the requirements set by the authorities. For instance, the PRO-RS Brake hose is manufactured to meet the standards SAE1401J, DOT FMVSS-106 and ADR 42/04.

Steel Braided Brake Hose Installation

A brake hose can become faulty over the years and it can be fatal because once the brake fluid escapes from the braking system, you literally lose your brakes. The best remedy for a broken or faulty brake hose is to replace it with new ones. There are some guides on the web that offers advices and suggestions on how you can repair a broken brake hose, but we really think that it’s not worth the risk. Besides, it’s not that expensive to get a really good quality steel-braided stainless steel brake hose.

Also, do note that brake fluid is corrosive and can damage other parts of your car if it’s not clean up properly after a leak.

At 12 Volts, we recommend one of the best quality steel braided brake hose in the market- the PRO-RS Steel Braided Stainless Steel Brake Hose.

They have manufactured steel braided brake hose for more than 500 different car makes. Their brake hose meets SAE1401J, DOT FMVSS-106 and ADR 42/04 standards.

PRO-RS brake hoses are pressure tested to 3,500 psi. The average pressure generated under extreme braking conditions is approximately 1,500 psi.

PRO-RS uses 100% TEFLON (a product by DuPont U.S.A.) with ISO TS16949 certification for the inner core of the brake hose.

Here is the list of PRO-RS Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose available:

PRO-RS Stainless Steel Braided Hose Kit Online Purchase, International Shipping

PRO-RS Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose