As usual, our eager installer gets right to work before we could get our Toyota Alphard Beauty shot. Ok, on to the Redbat Double lock for the Toyota Alphard 2014 installation.


First step, dismantle and remove the bottom panel so we can reach the pedals and also the cables. A simple as it sounds, know which bolts to undo and how to unhook the panel is a tricky task.

Quick Tip: If you’re doing the same install to your Toyota Alphard, please take note of the black plastic panel in the photo above. Some installers have been know to leave it out after the install. Could be oversight or on purpose as it is tricky to fit it back in once the pedal lock is installed.


A little bit of fiddling to line up the bolt locations.


Once in line, then all bolts are fastened.


Finished work. Note that the black plastic panel is back in place.


Do you see it?


Closer look from below.

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