Carall Regalia Velvet Musk (Model No. 1386), a product by Okamoto Industry Co. Ltd based in Japan is probably one of the most pirated air freshener in Malaysia.

For the uninitiated, ‘Carall’ is the brand name, ‘Regalia’ is the series that the product belongs to and ‘Velvet Musk’ is the name of the fragrance. The model number for this product is 1386.

1386 has a distinctive fresh and calming smell, with a light citrus tint that makes it very acceptable and easy on the nose. Adding to that is the quality glass jar packaging that stands out among the many varieties of air fresheners in the market.

The popularity of the 1386 eventually caught the attention of bootleggers and in the past few years, imitations of 1386 got so good that even experienced stockists find it hard to differentiate between the authentic and the fake. Also, do take note that under the Regalia series, there’s also Platinum Squash (Model No. 1385) and Silky Veil (Model No. 1384) which is nowhere as popular.

It is believed that these 1386 imitations are manufactured in China and made its way into Malaysia through East Malaysia, where custom surveillance is not as strict.

We would like to advise consumers to be extra vigilant when shopping for their favorite air fresheners. You may not feel the effect of these chemicals immediately but prolonged usage of fake air fresheners manufactured without taking care of consumer’s well-being and safety will cause many health issues in the long run.

Carall Regalia Velvet Musk 1386