Question: Is there any reason why an after-market receiver would not work for my car?

Answer:  this is a universal 2-DIN receiver. Any vehicles can use this as long as they have the right accessories to install it, e.g. facia kits, wiring harness, antenna adapters, steering remote interfaces etc.

However, some car manufacturers (such as Chevrolet) program and embed critical functions into the factory receivers, making it difficult if not impossible for owners to change their factory units because doing so would disable some of the functions, such as climate control, safety alerts, smartphone connectivity, navigation and steering wheel audio controls.

There are hacks that can be used to restore these loss of features but usually the cost can be prohibitive.

The best thing that makes sense is for the car owners to do their research before purchasing. There are just too many car models out there, and unlike replacement parts that can be matched according to compatibility, universal car receivers depends on the knowledge of the installers/owners.

And in my opinion, if you like tinker a lot with technologies and have high expectations for audio quality, you might want to stay away from car manufacturers that release models that are not upgrade friendly.