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The 9″ Android is an excellent choice for an upgrade for the G3 Honda CR-V. The large screen size fills the dash space quite nicely, to the point it almost looks factory stock.

As usual, we always advice caution when buying Android units as there are many brands in the market, and some at dirt cheap prices. You get what you pay for, as they say, so don’t get the cheapest you can find is what we would advise. Do some research and make sure you end up with a reliable unit such as this Teyes CC3.

This CRV owner had pretty basic wants when it came to the head unit. He wanted to be able to use Waze and Spotify on his head unit. Android Auto takes care of that nicely. He also wanted a reverse camera for some added assistance when reversing. No worries, the Teyes AHD is the best AHD reverse camera we have come across so far.

Overall, the installation for this Honda CR-V is on the easy side. If you had ever thought of doing this yourself, we would say go for it. No special tools nor unnecessary complications for this install.

The result after this install, it has brought this Honda CR-V into the future. The car is already great, so having this head unit will give you some “new tech” to keep your ride fresh.

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