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This time around we get a JDM Toyota Harrier coming to us for a head unit install. This is a returning customer which is always a nice thing to us.

This car has the JDM head unit which unfortunately is locked. For those who don’t know, some of the JDM radios come with security codes, which will lock up should you unplug it or if the car battery dies. Fortunately reverse camera still works in this state.

The customer came to us wanting to install a Bluetooth stereo and was willing to let go of the touchscreen functionality. Thankfully we have many choices to choose from for this car. We managed to persuade the customer to go for a budget Apple CarPlay. The unit of choice, Blaupunkt Dakota BP800PLAY.

With this unit, the customer can retain the use of the factory reversing camera and steering wheel controls, with some wiring wizardry from us of course, lol.

Overall, really satisfied with this install and total spend on this simple job is still pretty affordable given what is retained.

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