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Toyota Hilux, Carvox CX-880 User Interface Quick Demo

Here’s a quick demo on how the Carvox CX-880 User Interface looks and works. This particular unit was installed in a 2011 Toyota Hilux.

Special Thanks to Gary for letting me and helping me shoot this video.

For more info on this Head Unit, go here

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Ahleng’s Newly Installed Toyota Altis DVD Player

Here’s the review from ahleng from Bintulu at’s forum:

Ahleng ('s Forum Member) installed the Toyota Altis Head Unit in Bintulu, Sarawak.

Received the head unit & rev camera today … extremely happy!! Installed as soon as i picked it up from courier office.

I couldn’t locate the listed panel installer shop in Bintulu though, tried to call but nobody pick up my call. I ended up installing it at other car accs shop.

Sound quality is slightly better than stock unit! Works flawlessly with steering audio control & rev camera (bought a smaller rev camera unit instead as i dowan to remove the reg plate light).

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BREMBO Front Brake Discs for Perodua MYVI

BREMBO Front Brake Discs for Perodua MYVI

BREMBO Front Brake Discs for Perodua MYVI

BREMBO Front Brake Discs for Perodua MYVI

BREMBO Front Brake Discs for Perodua MYVI is now available on 12V's online store!

High carbon cast iron discs
Discs with HC coding are produced using special cast iron with a high carbon content that guarantees better performance and less risk of noises compared to normal cast iron thanks to a better damping factor.

Brembo Brake Discs High Carbon Damping Coefficient

TÜV / ABE certification
Brembo has obtained ABE homologation for its whole range of brake discs. This is issued by the German Federal Authority for Road Transport on the certification of TÜV of Munich. This is possible because Brembo directly develops and produces the whole range of its brake discs in its own factories with very high quality standards ensured by stringent checks on the whole production process.

Fixing screw kit
Since the fixing screws could be damaged when a used disc is removed, a kit with two new screws is provided in each pack of Brembo discs marked with the special yellow label. This will ensure that the work is done more quickly and safely and will be technically perfect.
BREMBO Malaysia Fixing Screw Kit

Discs with built-in bearing kit
No more replacement problems:
bearings are factory preassembled and discs ready for immediate installation, which means big savings in time and effort. Discs may also come with integral ASB® sensor, depending on the OE specification.
BREMBO Malaysia - Discs with Built-in Bearing Kit

OE supplier
Brembo is the largest European manufacturer of OE brake discs and original spares, and offers the largest overall range of original brake discs.
BREMBO Malaysia - OE Supplier

Pillar venting technology
The innovative Brembo patented pillar venting technology boosts overall disc cooling and increases up to more than 40% resistance to thermal cracking.
BREMBO Malaysia- Pillar Venting Technology

Anti-corrosion painting
Dedicated to those users who also place importance on aesthetic considerations. Brembo has painted the sections not subject to the braking actions. This feature is available only for high range vehicles and will be appreciated by those who have alloy wheels.
BREMBO Malaysia - Anti Corrosion Painting


DANGER! Before proceeding with replacement, make certain that the replacement part is suitable for the make and model of vehicle.

DANGER! This Product is of vital importance for the safe operation for the vehicle on which it is installed, and must therefore be fitted only by a skilled mechanic who has been properly trained or achieved a suitable level of experience in the installation and use for which the Product is intended. The installer must be in possession of the right tools and equipment for the job, and sufficiently knowledgeable and expert as a mechanic to perform servicing on the vehicle. Improper or incorrect installation, occurring through failure to abide by the Instructions, or other causes, will invalidate the Limited Warranty and the installer could become liable for damages caused to persons or property. BREMBO declines liability for any damage or injury caused to or by any person driving a vehicle on which a replacement product has been incorrectly installed.

DANGER! Replace both the brake discs on each axle, taking them from the same pack. Whenever discs are changed, renew the relative pads as well.

WARNING! Dispose of replaced parts in accordance with statutory regulations.

WARNING! Avoid striking hard and/or inflicting damage on the Product and its component parts, as this could impair their efficiency and cause them to malfunction. Replace damaged components when necessary.

WARNING! To avoid injury:
– Always wear gloves during the operations of removing and refitting components that present sharp edges.
– Avoid bringing the friction material of brake pads and shoes into direct contact with the skin, as it can cause abrasion.

DANGER! Avoid bringing grease and other lubricants into contact with the braking surfaces of the disc and pads, as this could render the brakes ineffective.


The procedure described is for one wheel, and must be repeated on the other wheel of the axle.

1. Remove the wheel.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

2. Remove the pads from the caliper and retract the piston/s, using the special tool.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

3. Remove the caliper from its mount.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

DANGER! Do not disconnect the brake fluid line to the caliper. Suspend the caliper, ensuring that the pipeline is not pulled taut.

4. If necessary, remove the wheel hub before removing the disc. Remove the disc.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

5. Clean the mounting face of the new disc.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

CAUTION! Do not foul the mounting face with oil or grease.

6. Clean the mounting face of the wheel hub, removing any deposits and rust; check that the surface is not damaged or deformed, and restore it to the proper condition if necessary.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

7. Check for smooth rotation and correct end float of the wheel bearings.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

8. If the wheel hub has not been removed: fit the new disc to the wheel hub and secure with the fixing bolt; adjust the bearing when required, following the directions of the vehicle maker.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

9. If the wheel hub was removed in Step 4: assemble the hub and disc, tightening the fixing bolts to the specified torque. Fit the assembled hub and disc to the axle, adjust the bearing and complete the operation as directed by the vehicle maker.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

10. Check lateral runout of the disc using the metrological kit; the dial gauge must be positioned as illustrated, 5mm from the outer diameter. Secure the disc with a number of wheel nuts to simulate the condition in which the wheel is mounted. The maximum value of runout per full revolution of the dic is: 0.10mm for cars – 0.12mm for commercial vehicles. If necessary, remove the disc and refit to the wheel hub in a different position, then repeat the measurement.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

CAUTION! Conduct this test with care. A runout value higher than indicated will lead to abnormal wear and generate vibration when braking.

11. If the runout measure is unacceptable, measure the runout of the wheel hub mounting face; if necessary, replace the hub and refit the disc.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

CAUTION! The permissible runout value for the wheel hub mounting face is approximately half that specified for the disc.

12. Refit the caliper to its mount; in the case of a floating caliper, check for smooth sliding action of the pins and guides bushes.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

WARNING! Check that rubber parts are not damaged. Replace if necessary.

13. Fit the new pads, with the relative springs and pins. Grease the back and edges of the pads where indicated. Connect the wear indicator, if installed.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

14. Depress the brake pedal to squeeze the pads against the disc. Repeat the operation until the pedal travel is at it should be.
Brembo Malaysia - Brake Discs Installation Procedures

15. Check the level of brake fluid in the reservoir, topping up if necessary.

16. Refit the wheel and tighten the wheel nuts as indicated by the vehicle maker or as in the Brembo catalogue.

17. Balance the wheel.


Road test the vehicle, taking care not to stab at the brakes or keep the pedal depressed for more than 3 seconds; make certain there is no noise or vibration from the brakes. The user of the vehicle should run in the new discs and pads for at least 200km, applying the brakes gently and sparingly, and without activating the ABS.

WARNING! If new brakes are not properly run in, the braking system could be prevented from operating efficiently.

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DIY – Installing the LED Indicator Side Mirrors

Step 1 – Remove the side mirror

Unclip the mirror gently by pulling at the bottom of the mirror. It should snap out once enough force is use. Don’t yank it too hard though.

Removing the side mirrors

Removing the side mirrors

Removing the side mirrors

Removing the Side Mirrors

Using a heatgun, warm the plastic that holds the mirror to the point that the mirror can be easily separated from the plastic.

It's gettin' hot in here

Heat up the plastic with the heat gun

Using your fingers and maybe a screwdriver, pry out the mirror. It should come out quite easily.

Reving the mirror from the plastic

Removing the mirror from the plastic

Step 2 – Fitting in the new mirror

Firstly, check and make sure you are happy with the new mirrors, and that they are the correct fit for your car.

The new mirror with built-in indicator

The new mirror with built-in indicator

The front side with the cool bluish tint

The front side with the cool bluish tint

Again, using the heatgun, heat up the plastic to allow for the new mirror to snap back in. Makes sure to poke the wires through the appropriate hole.

Heatgun again, to allow for the new mirrors to snap in

Heatgun again, to allow for the new mirrors to snap in

The connector wires come along with the kit

The connector wires come along with the kit

Step 3 – A little bit of wiring

Next, some simple wiring is needed. All you need to do, is tap your signal (be it from side mirror or fender) power.

The internal wires

The internal wires

Tapping the signal

Tapping the signal

After that’s done, put it all back neatly in preparation for the side mirror.

Make sure to tape up the join

Make sure to tape up the joint

Tuck the connectors back neatly in

Tuck the connectors back neatly in

Step 4 – Clip the mirror back in

Connect the power clip and snap the mirror back in. Voila!

Clip the new side mirrors back in

Clip the new side mirrors back in

Peel off the stickers and wipe the mirrors to a finish!

Peel off the stickers, and you're good to go

Peel off the stickers, and you're good to go

Isn't that neat!

Isn't that neat!

Step 5 – Repeat

Now, repeat the entire process for the other side 🙂

Where can you get these you ask…here of course

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Enhance Your Safety (and Others) with 12V’s Reverse Cameras

Reverse Camera for Toyota, Honda, Perodua, Proton, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and all general cars in Malaysia

If you spent at least 3 hours a day on the road, you would have spend almost one whole day in the car for the week. A very unproductive period of time, I must say. What makes matter worst is that while you are trying to get from A to B, you decided to let your attention sway for a split second and ‘BAM!’, you find yourself kissing the back of someone’s car.

In fact, most road accidents can be avoided. And here are FOUR major factors that cause accidents:

1. Equipment Failure: This is why regular check-up and service to your ride will save more money than if you tried to skip these routine maintenance. However, as much as we try to become responsible drivers, there’s still risks that we get into an accident with someone who doesn’t give a s**t about the conditions of their vehicles…

2. Roadway Design: A very common thing in Malaysia, where most roads are ‘designed’ to cause accidents. Even the road signs are badly designed and usually located closely with billboards and advertising signages, causing confused road users to end up in an accident rather than in their destinations.

3. Poor Roadway Maintenance: If you are one of the enlightened drivers like me, we’ve come to accept that potholes are part of Malaysian roads. And they’ve been designed to separate the amateurs and the professionals. And not to mention the speed bumps builders in residential areas that erect these hazardous obstacles in all shapes and sizes. Where did they get their construction license anyway?

4. Driver Behavior: Only one word of advice on this one- ‘Patience’. And if you drink, here’s the second advice, ‘Don’t drive’.

There are also various gadgets that you can add to your ride to enhance the safety of your driving and one of the most helpful one is the reverse camera- a nifty device that allows you to see the back of your vehicle the moment you kick into reverse gear mode.

Most of the cars can now be equipped with an additional reverse camera without burning a hole in your pocket. More so if you have kids that loves to play in the garage compound. I am not doubting your driving skills, but why take chances?

All our reverse cameras come with the following set of features:

* 1-year product warranty
* Compact size & easy installtion
* Color CCD / CMOS camera system
* Night Vision for clear visibility under low light environment
* Safety super 170° wide-angle lens
* No need to drill any holes. The camera replaces one of the number plates’ light and fit in nicely into the existing bracket.
* Comes with a light bulb to replace the originally removed number plate light.
* Comes with On-Screen distance lines indicator
* RCA cable to head unit provided
* Modulation NTSC/PAL
* Power supply: DC12V ± 50%
* Water- proof index: 1p68

And to make the reverse camera upgrade even more attractive, we are offering our 4.3″ LCD monitors at 12% off the normal price for every reverse camera you purchase in the month of May or until stock runs out.

Keep everyone safe on the road!

CM-ACCORD - Reverse Camera for For Honda ACCORD
CM-ACCORD for Honda Accord

CM-ALTIS - Reverse Camera For Toyota Corolla ALTIS
CM-ALTIS for Toyota Altis ’02 Onwards

CM-CAMRY - Reverse Camera For Toyota CAMRY

CM-CRV - Reverse Camera For Honda CRV
CM-CRV for Honda CRV

CM-CIVIC - Reverse Camera For Honda CIVIC

CM-LIVINA - Reverse Camera For Nissan Grand LIVINA

CM-VIOS - Reverse Camera For Toyota VIOS
CM-VIOS for Toyota VIOS

CM-JAZZ - Reverse Camera For Honda JAZZ 08 Onwards
CM-JAZZ for Honda Jazz 3rd Generation Year ’08 Onwards

CM-038 - Reverse Camera For General Vehicles
CM-038 Reverse Camera for General Vehicles

CM-058 - Reverse Camera for General Vehicles
CM-058 Reverse Camera for General Vehicles

CM-098 - Reverse Camera For General Toyota Vehicles
CM-098 Reverse Camera For General Toyota Vehicles

4.3 inch LCD Monitor for Reverse Camera Promotion

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