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Toyota Hilux, Carvox CX-880 User Interface Quick Demo

Here's a quick demo on how the Carvox CX-880 User Interface looks and works. This particular unit was installed in a 2011 Toyota Hilux. Special Thanks to Gary for letting me and helping me shoot this video. For more info on this Head Unit, go here

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Ahleng’s Newly Installed Toyota Altis DVD Player

Here's the review from ahleng from Bintulu at's forum: Received the head unit & rev camera today ... extremely happy!! Installed as soon as i picked it up from courier office. I couldn't locate the listed panel installer shop in Bintulu though, tried to call but nobody pick up my call. I ended up [...]

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BREMBO Front Brake Discs for Perodua MYVI

  High carbon cast iron discs Discs with HC coding are produced using special cast iron with a high carbon content that guarantees better performance and less risk of noises compared to normal cast iron thanks to a better damping factor. TÜV / ABE certification Brembo has obtained ABE homologation for its whole range of [...]

DIY – Installing the LED Indicator Side Mirrors

Step 1 - Remove the side mirror Unclip the mirror gently by pulling at the bottom of the mirror. It should snap out once enough force is use. Don't yank it too hard though. Removing the side mirrors Removing the Side Mirrors Using a heatgun, warm the plastic that holds the [...]

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Enhance Your Safety (and Others) with 12V’s Reverse Cameras

If you spent at least 3 hours a day on the road, you would have spend almost one whole day in the car for the week. A very unproductive period of time, I must say. What makes matter worst is that while you are trying to get from A to B, you decided to let [...]

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