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6 Tips for Buying and Caring for Your Car Wipers

1. Use a measuring tape to get the length of the driver side's wiper and passenger side's wiper. 2. Japanese, Korean and Malaysian car models generally uses the u-hook wipers which are widely available in most car accessories and auto parts shops. For continental cars, ensure the adapter of the replacement wiper can fit your [...]

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Death to Bad Wipers!

Today, we start our war on bad wipers! I've heard many horror stories from our customers about how their wipers crack under the pressure of extreme heat, UV rays and thunderstorms. And if you have been using the amazing wipers from PIAA, you would appreciate how silicone can make such a huge difference in clarity. [...]

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Engine Flush, Do You Need One?

Engine flush should be used before your next oil change, not after. This is pretty obvious because you actually want to remove all the contaminants and sludge built-ups out of the system. Also, ALWAYS read the instructions on your product BEFORE you begin Project Engine Flush. Most of the engine flush fluids out there states [...]

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Wiper Sizes and Fitting Application Guide for Malaysian Vehicles

NOTE: Updated on 13-JAN-2018 This list of wiper measurements below caters to mainly vehicles available in Malaysia. At, we believe the best way to measure wiper sizes is to get out there to your car and use a measuring tape. It can't go wrong. Another good reference is PIAA's Wiper Application Guide (PDF, 3.32MB): [...]

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Works Engineering Twin Ball Bearing Air Charger

This Air Charger is better than the air Micro Compressor because it utilizes the latest ball bearing technology. It increases charge air into your combustion chamber allowing better air/fuel mixture hence better combustion. Performance of this Air Charger is dyno tested and proven to increase BHP/HP/WHP. This device fits all car but is MOST EFFECTIVE [...]

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DIY – Perodua MYVI 1.3, Installing the Simota Replacement Air Filter

Replacing the stock air filters with an aftermarket version is the simplest way to improve your vehicles performance, longevity and economy. The Simota/Works Engineering Replacement Air Filters are quality built to high standards, plus improves performance and fuel consumption through rigorous research and development. Here, you will see the simple steps needed to replace your [...]

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