Measure Your Wiper Lengths

1. Use a measuring tape to get the length of the driver side’s wiper and passenger side’s wiper.

2. Japanese, Korean and Malaysian car models generally uses the u-hook wipers which are widely available in most car accessories and auto parts shops. For continental cars, ensure the adapter of the replacement wiper can fit your car before purchasing. Some continental car models can also use u-hook wipers by getting a specially-made wiper adapter.

3. For some wiper brands, you can save money by just purchasing the ‘refills’ for the wipers, instead of buying the entire set of wipers.

4. Silicone wipers generally withstand the elements better than normal graphite rubber wipers.

5. Wipers can be easily damaged when there are twigs or sands caught between the wiper and your windscreen during the wiping action.

6. Using windscreen wax such as RainX or wiper blades that contains wax coating can prolong the lifespan of your wipers (water beading effect on the windscreen reduces wiping especially at higher driving speed).