Death to Bad Wipers

Today, we start our war on bad wipers!

I’ve heard many horror stories from our customers about how their wipers crack under the pressure of extreme heat, UV rays and thunderstorms.

And if you have been using the amazing wipers from PIAA, you would appreciate how silicone can make such a huge difference in clarity.

Yet, we have problem reaching out to drivers who wants to get the real silicone deal. There are just too many wiper vendors out there who claims their silicone wipers are just as good. To that we say- “Put these PIAA wipers to test, and then decide for yourself.”

And to make the experiment hassle-free, we are giving you free installation and windscreen wash at our retail outlet here:, Kuala Lumpur

And to top it off, we are offering trade-in value of RM20 for your existing wipers (regardless of condition), so we can destroy them for good.

This bad wipers destruction programme is only applicable to the following PIAA wipers models only:

1) PIAA Radix Silicone Wipers

2) PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wipers

Let us know if you are dropping by!

Enjoy the weekend.