Welcome to AudioTech.fasmoto.com.my!

The business concept is formed by 2 young entrepreneurs from Johor Bahru in early 2009, and later released to the public on Apr 2010.

The concept is rather simple – a truely dedicated online shop offering all sorts of car accessories, car audio, spare parts at wholesale prices.

Through strong relationships with both local and overseas largest manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, 12v.com.my is able to provide the largest selection of products at the lowest price – a true ONE-STOP SHOP.

Whereas compared to other online automotive shops, our items are priced wholesale. This gives you an opportunity to get the part you want without going over your budget. Our mission statement, “Buy with Confidence”, means you get the privacy, security, and customer care you need when purchasing online. Not only do we offer fast, easy, and hassle-free online shopping, but we also have a dedicated team of real customer service people to lend a helping hand.

Why do we call ourselves Twelve Volts Online?
As general cars has an output power of 12 volts, and to just simplify it, we sell almost everything related to Cars!

We aim to provide the Malaysian car audio and styling enthusiasts the ultimate shopping experience- quality products and competitive pricing!