Toyota Hilux Carvox CX-880 Head Unit CM-038 Reverse Camera

Mr. Gary’s Carvox Equipped Toyota Hilux

Here is an installation for the Carvox CX-880 and the CM-038 reverse camera into a Toyota Hilux, belonging to Gary.

Thanks for letting us shoot these photos Gary, and we hope you enjoy the Motive DVD too 🙂

Also, thanks to Ah Boy(David) and his boys, Ah Seng, Liang and the rest at Wira Sound System ( No.27, Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras,
Wilayah Persekutuan, Tel: 603-91304089 ) in Cheras for letting me poke my nose throughout the entire install. Not to forget the great job done by them.

I’d like to apologize for the poor image quality, but all I had that day was my little ol 2.0MP camera phone.

First thing was to remove the original Head Unit. This was a very straight forward process, so much so that we never even noticed the CX-880 going in.

The Original Toyota Hilux Head Unit

Next step was to checkout the undercarriage to determine the route of the reverse camera cable.

Checking the camera cable route underneath

The Carvox CX-880 went it before we even noticed anything. The benefits of Plug N Play.

When it comes to installing the reverse camera, there are 2 parts to it. One is the video cable and the other the power cable. The video needs to be routed to the Head Unit and the power usually is tapped from the reverse lamp.

Ah Seng tapping the power from the reverse lamp

Measure twice, cut once they say.

Let the drilling begin!

And while Ah Seng is busy installing the reverse camera, Gary is keeping himself busy on this own little


Is this what I think it is?

In goes the camera

The Carvox CM-038 Reverse Camera on a Toyota Hilux

Mr Gary showing us his support. Thank You Sir!!!

Spot the camera

The original Hilux panel, no mods done at all.

Snapping the panel back in

Jobs done. The Carvox CX-880 in its new home.

Ah Seng showing Gary the functions

Toyota Hilux, 12 Volts, Carvox CX-880 Head Unit, CM-098 Reverse Camera

Toyota Hilux & 12 Volts

Carvox CX-880 HD LCD TFT Touchscreen DVD CD MP3 USB SD card Ipod Aux Player

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