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BOSCH Perodua MYVI Front Brake Disc Rotor

BOSCH Perodua MYVI Front Brake Disc Rotor

BOSCH Perodua MYVI Front Brake Disc Rotor

High Grade Steel for Extra Rigidity and Prevent Deformation.

20,000km warranty against physical defect (break, crack, warp)

Package Includes ONE PAIR for LEFT and RIGHT Disc Rotors

Bosch brake discs offer superior quality for your peace of mind. From the OE technical know-how and following European casting specifications, to the tight dimension tolerances and stringent production control, Bosch brake discs guarantee quality that you can depend on. Checking of disc wear is now easier and less time consuming with our wear indicator design.

Mounting Instructions for Brake Discs and Drums

Before fitting, Discs/Drums mst be very carefully cleaned to remove any protective substances especially for anti-corrosion fluid. Particular attention to be made to the inner and outer faces of the Brake Discs, especially the face of the wheel hub must be free from dust. A non-toxic cleaning fluid is to be used.

When fitting, tighten all bolts evenly with a torque wrench according to vehicle manufacturers’ specifications. Failure to do so may result in Disc/Drum distortion and judder.

Always replace Brake pads and shoes when fitting new Discs/Drums to ensure a perfect braking surface.

At the time of fitting, a check should be made for any damaged hydraulic components or worn wheel bearings. These can also have an adverse effect on braking performance.

It is very important not to exceed the minimum thickness of Brake Discs or the maximum diameter of Brake Drums. The minimum thickness for the Disc is reached when at least on one side of the Brake Disc the wear indicators are not visible anymore. The minimum thickness is stated as well on the edge of the Brake Disc for your reference and for additional checking purposes.

Heavy braking should be avoided for the first 200-300km after fitting to allow for a bedding-in period for the Brakes.

Brakes are safety critical items. All maintenance of Brake components and the Braking System must be carried out by qualified personnel.

Brake Discs/Drums must always be fitted in axle pairs to avoid an uneven braking balance. Warranty claims will not be accepted when Discs/Drums are fitted in singles.