I got a chance to meet up with Navin, the founder of Ridehunters.blogspot.com, during the Star Motor Carnival 2012. Ridehunters is a project where he shares his automotive interests, with lots of photos and interesting articles on the automotive trends.

Here’s what Navin’s got to say about his passion for all things wheels:

Rides. Cars. Automobile. Wheels. Mobile. Kereta. Many names that we use to refer to a big piece of metal that sits on four wheels which sole purpose when made is to get us from point A to point B.

Nevertheless, petrol heads or enthusiasts like myself will never be able to stop imagining or dreaming about the various things we are able to customize or modify on our journey to horsepower enlightenment or just plain street cred’s or bragging rights. We have always had the privilege to come across some awesome, unique and right down weird rides as of late in our country. Rides styled in many different ways or rare machines that etches a very special place in an enthusiasts’ heart. Be it JDM, VIP, EURO Style, Hellaflush or any other Hybrid variations of style, there are many talented visionaries out there when it comes to styling their rides.

What better way of capturing these rides through the lens of a camera. Ridehunters is Malaysia’s automotive lifestyle page with news & photos about speed & stance!

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